Rolex Daytona Watch Band is now Red Devil!!

Rolex Watchband...

The Rolex Daytona now has it’s very own Red Devil Rubber B… which in this photo, is further complimented by a Rolex Daytona Panda dial. The Rolex Daytona originally comes on a crocodile strap, which cannot be worn for bathing, swimming, and sport activities. A leather Rolex watch band must be replaced regularly, as it fades, cracks, and develops unpleasant odor. This is one more reason to step up to a luxury vulcanized rubber strap which has a Rolex quality fit, but lasts for years of active lifestyle with no signs of wear and tear.




Rolex Submariner Bracelet


The Rolex Submariner Bracelet is a beautiful and dependable design which has transcended generations of Rolex Submariner owners. After many years of wear, the Rolex Submariner bracelet may feel loose, as it’s worn down surface becomes more and more rackety. Older Submariners such as the 5513 would fit, feel and function more fluidly on a Rolex watchband created specifically for their case. A Rolex bracelet should only be replaced with a product which is worthy of the Rolex watch itself, and must be made in Switzerland by leaders in the Swiss watch industry.

Panerai Rubber Strap


Panerai Rubber Strap

Panerai maintains a healthy balance of style and utility. The Panerai Luminor case is an original and innovative creation, which has been it’s moniker for recognition from afar, no matter which rubber strap it bears. The existing Panerai rubber strap market is extremely vast, and mundane choices are plenty. However, innovation deserves a constant influx of new technology bearing passionate attention to detail. Panerai deserves a high tech, luxury rubber strap which has been tested and proven by leaders in the Swiss watch industry, to be the ultimate in quality, precision, and profound excellence: a vulcanized Panerai rubber strap from Rubber B.