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Arctic White Rubber Strap for Rolex Deepsea 116660

Arctic White Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

Arctic White Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

Waterproof to a depth of 12,800 feet, Rolex’s Deepsea model lives up to its name. The capabilities of this 44 mm diver’s watch are the result of years of research and experimentation. A unidirectional 60-minute graduated Cerachrom bezel times dives while a helium escape valve ensures that tiny molecules don’t affect its case during decompression.

The ultimate diver’s watch deserves the ultimate rubber strap. In the Rubber B e-Boutique we have a selection of vulcanized rubber straps that are micro-calibrated to fit the Deepsea flawlessly. Made in Switzerland using only the finest materials available, our straps are built to last. Our attention to detail includes the selection of colors and styles that compliment the timepieces for which our straps are designed.

In the photo above, the Deepsea is fitted with an Arctic White strap with a flared tang buckle. The design features of the strap accentuate the lines of the lugs and bolster its luxury aesthetic. This white watchband offers a cool tonality that offsets the black dial and bezel. We also offer a Jet Black dual-colored VulChromatic strap with an Arctic White stripe down the middle that makes for an interesting black and white configuration.

Lovers of color would be happy with a Mandarin Orange or Pacific Blue rubber strap. One of our most recent additions to the VulChromatic collection for the Deepsea features a Lime Green stripe down the center of a Jet Black strap that picks up the green lettering on the D-Blue Dial configuration. To shop all of our straps for the Rolex Deepsea, visit rubberb.com. We ship worldwide within 24-48 hours of your order with expedited shipping available.

Black and Lime Green Rubber Strap for Rolex Deepsea

Jet Black and Lime Green VulChromatic Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

Jet Black and Lime Green VulChromatic Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

The Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial (Reference 116660) was designed in 2014 to commemorate the Deepsea Challenge of 2012, when filmmaker and explorer James Cameron descended the Mariana Trench in the Challenger Deep. The submersible was colored Lime Green and descended with a Rolex experimental watch on it, the 51.4mm Deepsea Challenge. The D-Blue Dial commemorative configuration features the DEEPSEA lettering in the same green color as the vessel with a gradient blue dial depicting the descent into the ocean depths.

In the Rubber B e-Boutique, we have added a dual-colored Lime Green and Jet Black VulChromatic strap designed for the Rolex Deepsea model. Swiss made using only the highest quality materials, this strap is micro-callibrated using ‘blocked integration’ engineering to create a flawless mount onto the watch case with no gaps or movement. Its unique design detail gives the rubber strap configuration a well-balanced aesthetic that is ideal for stylish sportsmen looking for the ultimate rubber strap for their Deepsea.

As part of our Tang Buckle Series, this vulcanized rubber strap comes with a buckle made from 316L stainless steel. It is designed for a universal fit on wrist sizes between 5.5 – 8.25 inches (14 – 21cm) and contains no dyes, blends, bonds or coatings. If you place your order today, your strap will ship out within 24-48 hours, with expedited and international shipping options available. For more information on this Lime Green and Jet Black strap for the Rolex Deepsea, visit rubberb.com.

Swiss Made Rubber Straps for Rolex Deepsea

Photo of Rolex Deepsea on Arctic White Rubber B Strap

Rolex Deepsea on Arctic White Rubber B Strap

The Deepsea is the quintessential dive watch, checking every box for professional divers with its reliability and ingenuity. The largest timepiece in their professional collection, its 44 mm case features a Ringlock System case architecture that allows it to resist the equivalent of three tons of pressure with a depth rating of 3,900 meters. It has a clear, legible dial featuring Chromalight luminescence that is easy to read in the darkness of the deep sea and a Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert that is virtually scratch-proof.

The Ringlock System that is responsible for the impressive depth rating of the Deepsea is composed of three elements. Between the crystal and the case back they place a high-performance nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring that withstands the water pressure. The sapphire crystal is 5.5 mm-thick  and slightly domed and the case back is made from grade 5 titanium and screwed down to a 904L stainless steel ring. It is sealed with a Triplock winding crown and has a helium escape valve that allows the gas to leave the chamber during decompression without cracking the crystal.

In the e-Boutique at rubberb.com we offer several vulcanized rubber strap options for the Deepsea model. In addition to the Arctic White strap shown above, they are available in Jet Black, Mandarin Orange, Red Devil and Pacific Blue. We also offer dual tone VulChromatic straps that feature a combination of Jet Black with a stripe down the side in either Mandarin Orange, Pacific Blue or Arctic White. These styles are equipped with a 316L tang buckle and are non-allergen, non-toxic and non-marking. We also offer a Jet Black strap for the Deepsea that incorporates the Oysterlock clasp that comes on the original Oyster bracelet, including the Glidelock and Fliplock extension systems.

Regardless of how much time you spend in the ocean, our vulcanized rubber straps will last long without discoloration or deformation. Caring for your rubber strap is simple, requiring a fresh water rinse after spending time in the salt water. They are micro-callibrated to fit the case with a flush mount, free from gaps or movement. This gives it a secure and comfortable wear that maintains the integrity and luxury that Rolex is known for. To browse our entire collection of straps for Rolex, including Midsize and Ladies models, click here.

VulChromatic Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

VulChromatic Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea (photo: Jennifer Bailey)

VulChromatic Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea (photo: Jennifer Bailey)

A marvel of modern watchmaking, Rolex’s Deepsea model (Reference # 116660) features a depth rating of 3,900 meters and a 44mm case featuring their patented Ringlock System case architecture. Fitted with a Calibre 3135 self-winding mechanical movement manufactured in-house, it has a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day after casing and a 48 hour power reserve. Its 18 karat gold hour markers feature highly legible Chromalight appliqués that make it easy to read at the bottom of the ocean, far from the reach of the sun’s rays. The Deepsea shown in the photo above on a VulChromatic Rubber B strap features a D-Blue dial with a blue gradient design and its name in green type.

The straps in our VulChromatic series feature a color detail along the side of the Jet Black vulcanized rubber strap in either Pacific Blue as shown in the photo, Mandarin Orange or Arctic White. We achieve this pop of color by moulding a colored piece of vulcanized rubber into the rubber of the strap, requiring no painting, bonding, glues or sealants. Made in Switzerland using the highest quality materials available on the market, our straps are micro-callibrated using ‘blocked integration’ engineering to create a flush mount onto the watch case with no gaps or movement.

The nautical aesthetic of the Deepsea is perfectly complimented by the Jet Black/Pacific Blue VulChromatic strap, especially with the color of the D-Blue dial. While most look for a rubber strap to offer them a convenient and comfortable configuration that can go with them anywhere, the straps in our e-Boutique also offer a stylish look that bolsters the aesthetic of the original model. To browse all of our rubber straps for Rolex designed for the Deepsea and other popular models, including Midsize and Ladies models, visit rubberb.com. For more information on the Deepsea model, visit rolex.com.

Rolex D-Blue Deepsea (Reference # 116660)

Photo of Jet Black / Pacific Blue Strap for Rolex Deepsea - Tang Buckle Series VulChromatic®

Jet Black / Pacific Blue Strap for Rolex Deepsea – Tang Buckle Series VulChromatic®

The Rolex Deepsea model was introduced in 2008, boasting a depth rating of 3,900 meters due in part to its Ringlock System case architecture and Helium Escape Valve. In 2014, Rolex released a commemorative version of the Deepsea featuring a D-Blue gradient dial after James Cameron completed the Deepsea Challenge in 2012 with a Rolex experimental watch on his submersible. The D-Blue version is shown in the photo above on a Rubber B dual tone VulChromatic strap.

The Ringlock System is based on a case architecture that features a nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring inside the middle case between the case back and crystal, a domed 5.5 mm thick sapphire crystal and a grade 5 titanium case back. The middle case is made from a solid block of 904L stainless steal and the case features a Triplock winding crown for additional waterproofness.

This dive watch is also equipped with a Helium Escape Valve that allows the helium that penetrates the watch during deep water saturation to escape without damaging the timepiece when the gas expands during decompression. The words ‘Helium Escape Valve’ and ‘Ring Lock System’ are etched onto the case at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions.

The watch features a 60-minute graduated unidirectional Cerachrom bezel that allows divers to monitor their decompression time. Cerachrom is a proprietary ceramic material used by Rolex on their bezel inserts that makes them virtually scratch-proof. The bezel has a knurled edge that makes it easier for a diver to manipulate it with dive gloves on.

The Deepsea comes with an Oysterlock safety clasp fitted with Rolex’s Fliplock extension system that extends the oyster bracelet by 26 mm and their Glidelock extension system that extends it by an additional 20 mm. This allows one to wear the Deepsea over a thick wet suit that would be required for dives in cold water temperatures.

This Superlative Chronometer is fitted with a Calibre 3135 movement manufactured completely in-house by Rolex. It has a power reserve of up to 48 hours. The case measures 44 mm in diameter and is made of 904L stainless steel, another proprietary material of the watchmaker.

The suggested retail price for the Rolex D-Blue Deepsea is 11,800 Swiss francs. For more information on this or any other Rolex model, visit rolex.com.