Is RUBBER B affiliated with Rolex, Panerai or any other watch brand?
No. We are an independent company offering customized products in a non official capacity to existing watch brands' official watches.

How are RUBBER B straps manufactured?
Our straps are crafted and Micro-calibrated in Switzerland by leading professionals in the watch industry. A Rubber B strap will reliably and flawlessly mount it’s intended watch.

RUBBER B does not contain any blends or coatings whatsoever. Solid inserts secure your watch pins, within pure, smooth, vulcanized rubber. Our factory holds exclusive patents on the MOST SUPERIOR Level of Vulcanized Rubber in the world. This ensures endurance against cracking, separation, stretching, or dust attraction. RUBBER B straps will outlast and outperform any other product on the market, Rubber B straps maintain their vigor and develop a fine patina over time.

Does the RUBBER B strap mount the Deployant Clasp that came with my Rolex watch?
RUBBER B offers two types of straps for most Rolex sport watch models presented on our website. Once you have selected your watch type, you will be given the available choice, according to your particuar watch. Our straps do not come with springbars or pins, as you use your OEM bars.

The CLASSIC Series is custom designed to fit all aspects of your own original
Rolex deployant clasp, and does not come with a buckle or clasp.

The TANG Series comes complete with it’s own 316L Stainless Steel Tang Buckle.

Does the RUBBER B Strap come in different sizes?
If a size option is available, then you will see this option on the product page. Otherwise the size is Universal, which means it has been strategically manufactured to fit the stated size range. (please check your watch model's detail page to see which size range works with yours, as they vary by case). Wrists sizes within the stated range will have a custom, tight fit.

Be careful not to shorten your new RUBBER B strap too much or damage it, as we will not be able to accept it for return/exchange once it has been altered.

Will I need to use links from my original Rolex bracelet for sizing reasons?
No. The Rubber B classic series is designed to be fitted to your custom size WITHOUT the use of any links from your original Rolex bracelet. The finished look only includes the watch head & clasp (some older Rolex clasps have a permanent half-link attached, which are apparent in the alt images).

How will I mount my new RUBBER B strap onto my watch?
Yourself or any watch specialist will be able to mount the strap very easily with a basic spring bar tool. A Rubber B strap mounts exactly the same as with other Rolex leather watchbands or metal bracelets - directly to the clasp. For older model clasps with a rivited screw such as older Rolex Submariners, the RUBBER B will mount directly to the "half" link on the clasp.

Never touch or modeify the riveted screws on your Rolex Clasp. RUBBER B is designed to respect and harmlessly mount your Rolex watch with no modification, as shown in our detailed images.

How long will it take to receive my RUBBER B order, and what is the cost?
Your order will ship within 24-48 hours, however the arrival time will depend on your selected preference of shipping at checkout.

Orders received for delivery in the USA will be shipped with a live tracking number by UPS Ground (No Charge), Second Day Air (additional fee), or Next Day Air (additional fee).

Orders for delivery to all other international destinations will be shipped via UPS Worldwide Express. For international customers, your UPS shipment will have a live tracking number. and usually arrives in 2-4 business days.

My wrist size is smaller than 6 inches, and my Rolex deployant clasp feels uncentered.
As with your original Rolex oyster bracelet, the internal portion of the clasp may sit off center.

The solution is to switch your RUBBER B strap positions, without removing your buckle, by putting the 12 o'clock strap at the 6 o'clock position of the watch and vise-versa. This technique works because the human wrist is assymetrical, with the outside measurement being substantially larger than the inside measurement.

rotating the buckle, allows the clasp to sit more perfectly repositioned at the center of your wrist.

What if I would like to return my RUBBER B strap(s)?
You may return your RUBBER B strap(s) for any reason as long as you follow the procedures listed in our Return Policy.