2022 Summer Fashion Men Trends for Watch Straps

Summer Fashion Men
Men’s Watch Strap Trends for Summer 2022

If you’re looking for the ideal watch strap for Summer Fashion Men, look no further. Rubber B has you covered. Rubber B is designed for the best timepieces on the planet – Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Tudor, Patek Philippe, and Panerai. It also has bands that support 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm lug widths to support nearly any watch made. Universal Bands for every watch.

Looking to spice up your routine this summer? We say unequivocally yes. This all-American vibe is incorporated into one 2022 Summer Fashion Men trend carried over from springtime. Men’s preppy fashion includes fitted blazers, polo shirts, chino shorts, and anything striped or checkered. Discussing pants in a summer fashion article might seem silly. Once it hits about 80 degrees, shorts are acceptable (and expected) in almost every situation. But you may find yourself slipping on some jeans this July. Use sun-washed hues to give these vintage pieces a summery feel. Not sure which watch strap to use with your timepiece? Consider summer hues with a twist by switching to a Rubber B strap. When it comes to Summer fashion, don’t sweat it. Keep it lightweight and functional, but don’t sacrifice aesthetics. It’s the perfect time to experiment because many of your peers probably aren’t going to bother trying. Hit June in style.

Rubber B has an extensive selection of colors to fit your summer style. Besides the excellent selection of colors to fit your every whim, each of these bands is made from the finest Vulcanized Rubber, allowing it to be worn swimming, on the beach, and doing all your summer sports. The bands are comfortable, flexible, and strong. A little soapy and water and your band are clean and ready for another round of whatever you can throw at it.

The blue watch strap and bands are perfect for Summer

2022 Summer Fashion Men Trends for Watch Straps
Summer Fashion Men – Rolex Yacht-Master II

Keeping with the nautical theme, Rolex can’t be far behind. This Rolex Yacht-Master II has a deep blue on the bezel and an entirely white dial, with touches of red throughout. As a result, this one was a toss-up. As for the band, you may choose between a blue band with a white stripe and a blue band with a red stripe. Finally, the red was more fun for the Summertime, and it shows off some of the marks and red coloring from the timepiece’s hands.

Panerai Summer Look

Bracelets for the Panerai Luminor 1950
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Rubber B has implemented the blue coloring differently in the Panerai Luminor Marina above and the Tudor Heritage below.  Both utilize a black band with attention-drawing pacific blue coloring, but on the bracelet for Panerai, Rubber B utilizes a racing stripe down the center.  The Tudor, on the other hand, has an underlying blue that extends from the case to the buckle and lays against the wrist of the wearer.  The blue peeks through on the end of the band where the buckle is attached.

Omega Seamaster Professional 300mm with the blue dial

2022 Summer Fashion Men Trends for Watch Straps
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This watch was first introduced in 1993 and has remained a staple timepiece for the past 25 years. In 2018, it was updated with the wave pattern dial, along with the 42mm size update. Rubber B has recently launched a gorgeous selection of solid and Vulcromatic dual-colored watch strap options, from their Tang Buckle series. They’re the perfect option to stay ahead of the men’s fashion trends of the summer. We recommend the Pacific Blue watch strap (especially if you have the Omega Seamaster Professional 300mm with the blue dial). However, other color options are offered, Jet Black, Arctic White, Red Devil, and Mandarin orange in their solid-colored options. Dual-colored Vulcromatic options are Jet Black/Red Devil, Jet Black/Pacific Blue, and Jet Black/Forest Green; to explore these straps you can view them here.

White, red, and yellow bands – stand out for Summer 

White, Yellow and Red Panerai watch bands
White, Yellow, and Red Panerai watch bands

Before we crown the king of Summertime watches, Panerai may have to throw its hat into the ring. If you look at the black dials and, sometimes, black cases from Panerai, you can see that these timepieces were made to have fun with. So, ditch the original bands (keep them in storage for safe keeping), and add the colors of summer to these masterpieces. You really can’t go wrong with any color. Rubber B offers Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black, plus several 2-tone combinations. If I had to crown a winner here, I would say go for the Yellow Band with the Black Dial Panerai timepiece. That will almost ensure you will have a fun time this Summer.

Orange straps and bands that stand out

2022 Summer Fashion Men Trends for Watch Straps

Just look at this timepiece from Rolex – the Rolex Explorer II with a Mandarin Orange watch strap from Rubber B. This is a match made in horological heaven. The lightning rod seconds hand lends its orange coloring to the imaginative design team at Rubber B, who thought this eye-catching colorful band would turn some heads. And they were right. This is possibly the best watch for summertime.

Casual Styles Are In All Summer Long

2022 Summer Fashion Men Trends for Watch Straps

During the Summertime, the one constant thing you want to have is comfort. Since you will be spending hours on the kayak, sunbathing, or playing your favorite sports, the last thing you need to worry about is a metal watch band that conducts heat from the sun and literally burns your skin. Or, perhaps the links in the band will pinch your skin and pull your hair on your wrist. It is OK to ditch the original band from Panerai, Rolex, AP, or other manufacturers and put on something you can actually wear all day, all night, no matter what your day or night has in store for you.

Although SwimSkin® looks and feels identical to moisture-sensitive materials such as Kevlar® and Twill, it is actually 100% rubber, therefore entirely waterproof for all aquatic activities.

Summer Fashion Men Rubber B Cuff Watch Straps

Rubber Watch Bands Available in Universal and Cuff Styles

The Rubber B Tang Buckle Rubber Cuff Series pictured above has a Nato and Twill Texture but is 100% vulcanized rubber. It is available in 20mm, 22mm, and 26mm. Each band comes with a 316L stainless tang buckle for a lifetime finish. This is compatible with almost any watch made that has a 20/22/26 mm lug width. Each size has multiple colors available to select including an all-purpose, all-occasion-appropriate black, and an eye-catching navy blue.

Each Rubber B band is torsion tested for strength and reliability. All bands are made in Switzerland and hand-sewn with HYDROTURF® Marine Thread for strength and maximum resistance to UV-rays, atmospheric conditions, & chemicals.

Remove the old band and save it for future resale of your watch, and start enjoying the comfort and protection of your own Rubber Cuff Series band.

Are You in Need of a Custom Rubber Watch Band For Your Luxury Watch? Visit Rubber B Today

Rubber B watch straps do not contain any coating, blends, or bonding, and each and every strap undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets quality control standards.

If you would like to learn more about our complete list of products, shipping policies, pricing, or have questions about our custom rubber watch straps, please visit the Rubber B website today for more information. One of our valued associates will be happy to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.

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