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The Best Rubber Strap for the Rolex Deepsea 116660

Jet Black Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea 116660

Rolex has created a tradition of excellence in dive watches that goes back almost a century. Their Deepsea model has descended into the deepest parts of the ocean and come up intact. It is the result of years of engineering, experimentation and execution. Excellence is often imitated, but there is nothing like the original. The ultimate dive watch deserves the ultimate rubber strap.

The Swiss-made Rubber B strap shown above is micro-calibrated for a flawless fit onto the large case of the 116660. There is no movement between the case and strap. It is smooth to the touch and follows the lines of the case for a fully integrated luxury finish. We offer several closure options on our straps for the Deepsea, each catering to different tastes.

The Glidelock Series strap shown above incorporates the Oysterlock clasp of the Deepsea. This allows the wearer to take advantage of the Glidelock extension system that lengthens the bracelet for dives. We also offer straps for the Deepsea with a 316l stainless steel tang buckle. The straps in this series come in a variety of color options, like Red Devil and Pacific Blue. They are also available in our dual-toned VulChromatic colors, like Jet Black and Lime Green. This combination is ideal for owners of the D-Blue Deepsea configuration as the green stripe matches the name on the dial.

We also offer a Velcro Series strap for the Deepsea with an industrial-strength Velcro closure. It is available in sizes extra-small to extra-large. Gore-Tenara marine thread is used to hand-sew the velcro onto the strap, with a titanium insert lining the attachment loop. No matter which closure option you choose, you can be assured that you are receiving the best quality rubber strap for the Rolex Deepsea 116660 in the world.

Visit rubberb.com to shop our entire collection of straps for the Deepsea. We ship internationally within 24-48 hours of your order with expedited shipping available.

Velcro Series Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

Velcro Series Rubber B Strap for Rolex Deepsea

In our quest to offer the ultimate rubber strap for Rolex, we have added another closure option in our collection of straps for the Deepsea model. With the addition of the Velcro Series strap, you can now select from three different closures, each designed for the most discerning luxury watch owner. Made in Switzerland using pure vulcanized rubber, a Rubber B strap offers comfort and versatility without sacrificing style.

The sizing of our Velcro strap for Rolex is based on the circumference of your wrist. It is micro-calibrated using ‘blocked-integration’ to create a flawless fit onto the watch case. The Gore-Tenara stitching used to secure the velcro onto the strap offers maximum resistance to UV rays, atmospheric conditions and chemicals. No coating, blends or bonds are used in the manufacturing process. This combination of meticulous attention to detail with quality control means that your strap will create the perfect fit and last longer than any other rubber strap on the market.

If you prefer a more colorful rubber strap configuration for your Deepsea, you may want to shop our Tang Buckle Series. This series features a variety of colors and styles, each selected based on the aesthetic of the classic diver’s watch. If you want to use the Rolex Oysterlock clasp as a closure for your rubber strap, check out our Glidelock Series strap. No matter your preferences in style and functionality, we offer a strap for you in our e-Boutique.

Visit rubberb.com to shop all of our straps for Rolex, including the Deepsea model. We ship internationally with expedited shipping available upon request.

Rubber B Couture Series Strap for Rolex Daytona

Rubber B Couture Series Strap for Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rubber B Couture Series Strap for Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

When looking for a timepiece that will last a lifetime, most shoppers believe that luxury and reliability are the most important characteristics it should possess. A beautiful design should be bolstered by quality craftsmanship, allowing the wearer to enjoy it for years without a care. Rolex is one of the most reputable companies in the world because their wristwatches exude classic beauty while offering the benefits of their advances in watchmaking technology.

At Rubber B, we were motivated by this standard of excellence when creating the ultimate rubber strap for Rolex. Like the products of other leaders in the luxury watchmaking industry, our straps are made in Switzerland using the highest quality vulcanized rubber on the market today. From the 316l stainless steel used for the Tang Buckle Series to the Gore Tenara stitching thread used for our Couture Series Straps, we only work with the best materials in the world.

A flawless fit to the watch case is achieved through micro-calibration using ‘blocked integration’ engineering. What results is a fully integrated rubber strap configuration that provides a secure and comfortable fit. Due to the caliber of materials we use, our straps do not lose their color or shape over time like other straps available today. This is because we invest in quality control measures that ensure that every strap that is shipped to a customer adheres to our high standards.

Browse our entire collection of rubber straps for Rolex, including the Cosmograph Daytona model shown above, at rubberb.com. We ship anywhere in the world within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your order with expedited shipping available.

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II 42mm on VulChromatic Rubber B Strap

Rolex Explorer II 42mm on VulChromatic Rubber B Strap

The 42mm Rolex Explorer II (Reference 216570) is a robust professional stainless steel watch with simple complications. It features a brushed steel 24-hour bezel and an orange 24-hour hand over a black dial. The date is displayed through an aperture at 3 o’clock with Rolex’s Cyclops magnifying lens over it. The hour markers are filled with Chromalight that provides powerful luminescence even in the darkness of a cave or a long winter’s night.

In the photo above, the Explorer II is fitted with a VulChromatic Rubber B strap from our e-Boutique. Made in Switzerland, our straps for Rolex are micro-callibrated using “blocked integration” to create a flawless mount onto the case with no gaps or movement. Our straps for the 216570 are available in either a 316L stainless steel tang buckle version or one that incorporates the deployant clasp that comes on the original bracelet.

The designs of our straps for the Explorer II incorporate elements of the watch to create a cohesive aesthetic. The VulChromatic strap above features a Mandarin Orange stripe down the side that matches the color of the 24-hand. If you own the white dial configuration, we recommend looking at the version with an Arctic White stripe. We also offer solid color straps for this model in Jet Black, Arctic White and Mandarin Orange.

The Explorer II is a tough and sporty wristwatch model that becomes even more versatile when fitted with the ultimate rubber strap. No matter what terrain, what time of night or how far you are from home, this rubber strap configuration is up for the challenge. For more information on our straps for Rolex watches, visit rubberb.com.

Rolex Explorer II 42 mm on Jet Black Rubber B Strap

Photo of Rolex Explorer II on Jet Black Rubber B Strap

Rolex Explorer II 42 mm on Jet Black Rubber B Strap

The 42 mm Rolex Explorer II (Reference # 216570) is a robust stainless steel professional watch that offers straightforward functionality and a classic aesthetic. Shown above on a Jet Black strap from the Rubber B e-Boutique, the Explorer II is a large, sturdy watch that is ideal for a rubber strap configuration.

Our Swiss made vulcanized rubber straps are micro-callibrated using ‘blocked integration’ engineering to create a flush mount on the watch case with no gaps or movement. This makes for a secure fit that is as comfortable as it is fashionable. In addition the the Jet Black strap shown above, we offer straps for the Explorer II in Arctic White and Mandarin Orange, which creates a nice compliment to the orange 24-hour hand. To browse our entire collection of rubber straps for Rolex, visit rubberb.com.