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Rolex gmt master II

14 Replacement Band options for the Rolex GMT Master II

Rolex gmt master II

Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is probably Rolex’s best made watch today and is often seen worn by famous tennis champion Roger Federer.  It is also highly regarded by famed watch collector and music genius John Mayer particularly because of its reasonable price ($8,900 msrp) and exceptional 3186 movement developed entirely by Rolex.  Besides the conventional hour, minute and seconds hands, it features a 24-hour hand to display a second time zone.  It also features a day of the month window at 3 o’clock.  It is a certified Swiss chronometer and features a parachrom hairspring to resist shocks and temperature variations.

It has a 24-hour rotatable bezel and it has an hour hand that can be adjusted forwards or backwards independently of the minute and seconds hands.  This is fantastic for travelers that need to adapt to a new time zone without affecting the precision of their timekeeping.  The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with cyclops lens over the date and triplock triple waterproof screw down winding crown provide 330 feet of water resistance.  The superalloy 904L steel case and oyster bracelet provide strength, resistance to corrosion, a highly polishable surface, and durability to make this Rolex last for many years without fear of leading a sporty lifestyle.

The black dial is the distinctive face type responsible for easy readability.  The 18 ct gold hour markers prevent tarnishing.  The GMT Master II provides about 48 hours of power reserve.

Rubber B clasp support for the Rolex GMT Master

Rubber B clasp support for the Rolex GMT Master

Rubber B has developed an immense portfolio of replacement bands for the Rolex GMT Master II. Rubber B has three clasp options.  The first replacement bracelet supports the original metal clasp manufactured by Rolex.  The second is a Rubber B 316L SS Tang Buckle.  The third option is a replacement bracelet for the Rolex GMT Master II with Velcro® Alfatex® closure and an all-black band. made with tortion-tested GORE-TENARA® Marine Thread and a titanium insert in the attachment loop for extreme strength and security.

Replacement bands for the Rolex GMT Master II

Replacement bands for the Rolex GMT Master II

Each band exceeds FDA and BVGG specifications (non toxic, non marking, non allergen) and they do not attract dust. These straps utilize “Blocked Integration” engineering, incorporating solid inserts for a flawless, motionless flush mount to the watch case.  All replacement straps are made in Switzerland of pure vulcanized rubber with no coating, blends or bonding.

The Tang Buckle option and Original Clasp supported option have multiple color bands to choose from including Black, White, Red, Blue and dual color options.  For more information go to our Rolex GMT II replacement bracelet page here.

The Rolex GMT Master II Watch, a Brief History

GMT Master II 116710LN

Rolex GMT Master II Watch

From the ground up, Rolex’s GMT Master II 116710 series has risen to very high places with the most accurate of timing, literally.









Rolex GMT Master II Oyster Case Dial

GMT Master II Watch

Originating in collaboration with Rolex and Pan Am Airways for aviates use when embarking on long distance journeys as a traveling navigation chronometer, the GMT Master was born. GMT is the acronym for Greenwich Mean Time, or better yet what is known as Universal Coordinated Time, or UTC today. Acknowledged as the global time standard, GMT is used for aviation planning, weather forecasts, schedules, and much much more.





GMT Master vs. GMT Master II

GMT Master vs. GMT Master II

Historically the GMT Master is the first Rolex to present a cerachrom bezel in the design, and although the GMT Master II debuted in the early 1980’s, production of the original model continued until the 1990’s. Allowing that the GMT Master and the GMT Master II may appear the same, the GMT Master II has been equipped with a different movement capable of having an adjustable autonomous quickset hour hand, although the watch straps are the same in design.  This feature is used to set to local time without disrupting the minutes and 24 hour GMT hand.




GMT Master II on Oyster Strap

GMT Master II Watch Strap

Recently undergoing an array of technical changes in 2005, the revamped GMT Master II now features the parachrom hairspring and triplock crown commonly used in diving watches, has a larger case, hands, and hour markers as well as a new bezel crafted out of tough ceramic material fashioned to be more scratch and fade resistant. Additionally, now the GMT Master II watch band has heavier solid links and a machined Rolex Oyster clasp.






GMT Master II on Oyster Band

GMT Master II Watch Band

Running on a perpetual mechanical self winding movement, the GMT Master II watch measures out to a 40mm diameter oyster case, has a watch band made out of steel, a screw down triplock waterproofness system, is water resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet, has a center hour, minute, seconds, and as already mentioned 24 hour forth hand complication, precisely joined to the same time zone as the standard 12 hour hand. Additionally this model features an instantaneous date with cyclops lens, stop seconds for accurate time setting, and bears the Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer seal. Thanks to the convenient graduated bidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, a third time zone can be set as well.


All steel models are available in Black Cerachrom with matching steel watch band, or in Blue and Black Cerachrom with matching steel watch strap. For a change, the Rolex Watch Strap can be substituted with a watch band made out of rubber. Try the watch strap for the watch band line by Rubber B specifically made for the GMT Master II Watch.

Rolex GMT Master II on Oyster Clasp Bracelet

Rolex GMT Master II Watch Strap


Whether you’re in the congo or anywhere else in the world, be the master of time.

Rolex GMT II Ceramic: BASELWORLD 2013

BLUE IS THE NEW GREEN, and then some…

Rolex GMT II Ceramic Blue

Rolex fans have been pleasantly surprised by a refreshing new Rolex lineup at this year’s Basel World event. Along with it’s blue hued brethren, a gorgeous new GMT-Master II Ceramic dressed for the first time with a rich blue and black combination Cerachrom bezel.

These new colors, according to Rolex, represent day and night and blend perfectly with the black lacquer dial. No changes were made to the 40mm steel case and oyster bracelet. This new model is a stunning addition to the GMT Master family.

Rolex GMT II Ceramic