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Black Velour Rubber Watch Strap for Rolex Datejust

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Strap for Rolex

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Strap for Rolex Datejust

Rolex introduced the Datejust model in 1945, the first wristwatch to feature a date function displayed through an aperture at 3 o’clock. This classic dress watch combines elegance and simplicity in a design that has changed very little through the years. It has become one of the most recognizable wristwatch models in the world and we have chosen to celebrate the sophistication of this timepiece with the ultimate rubber strap for Rolex.

The yellow gold Datejust 31 shown above is fitted with a Tuxedo Velour strap from the the Rubber B e-Boutique. Swiss made using 100% vulcanized rubber, the velour design detail adds a touch of formality to the strap while remaining completely waterproof, allowing the wearer to swim and sunbathe without worrying about the effects of sun and salt water. The micro-calibrated strap creates a flush, motionless mount onto the case using ‘blocked integration’ engineering. What results is a secure and comfortable rubber strap configuration that can go with you anywhere – even in your formalwear.

Visit rubberb.com to check out our entire selection of rubber straps designed to precisely fit your Rolex model, including the Datejust 31 and Oyster Perpetual 31. In addition to the Tuxedo Velour strap, we offer a variety of colors and styles designed to compliment the aesthetic of each individual model. If you own a luxury timepiece by Patek Philippe or Panerai, we offer rubber straps designed for their most popular wristwatches as well, with a line for Tudor coming soon.

Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

With Rolex watches being featured in early James Bond films, the brand has been tied to the adventurous sophistication of the 007 franchise ever since. To honor the tradition of wearing a Rolex with a tuxedo, have created our Tuxedo Velour straps for watchmaker’s midsize models. Made in Switzerland from 100% vulcanized rubber, they offer a black tie aesthetic that is equally equipped to handle outdoor activities.

One of the advantages of a luxury rubber strap with a formal flair is that you don’t have to change your watchband to transition from casual settings to events like weddings or galas. You can go from shopping on the streets of Venice to a gondola ride to a fancy dinner in St. Mark’s Square without changing your wristwatch. The Tuxedo Velour strap looks particularly spectacular on the yellow gold Datejust 31 with fluted bezel shown above.

The combination of the old world charm of a classic gold Rolex and the versatility of a rubber strap creates the perfect configuration for anyone with luxury style and a desire for comfort. We offer Tuxedo Velour straps for Rolex Midsize and Ladies models, including the Oyster Perpetual 34 and 31, the Yacht-Master 35 and more. We offer versions for the OP 31 that incorporate the deployant clasp that comes with the watch in addition to a tang buckle version.

To browse our entire line of straps for Rolex models, visit our e-Boutique at rubberb.com. We also offer straps micro-callibrated to fit Panerai and Patek Philippe watches, with bands for Tudor coming soon. We also offer leather watch straps designed to fit any watch brand based on lug spacing in our Structure Series.

Pink Flamingo Strap for Rolex Datejust 31 (178240)

Photo of Pink Flamingo Rubber B Strap for Rolex Datejust 31

Pink Flamingo Rubber B Strap for Rolex Datejust 31 (Reference # 178240)

Rolex offers their Datejust and Oyster Perpetual models in a variety of configurations and sizes. The photo above shows the Datejust 31 (Reference # 178240) in 904L stainless steel with a dark rhodium dial featuring a floral motif. It is fitted with a Pink Flamingo vulcanized rubber strap from our line of straps designed for Midsize and Ladies Rolex models.

The Datejust 31 is fitted with a 2235 self-winding mechanical movement manufactured in-house by Rolex with a 48 hour power reserve. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters due to the hermetic seal created by its classic Oyster case. It features Rolex’s patented Cyclops magnifying lens affixed onto the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal over the date aperture at 3 o’clock. In addition to the stainless steel version shown above, the Datejust 31 is available in 18 karat yellow, white gold, Everose gold (Rolex’s rose gold alloy) or a combination of gold and steel known as Rolesor.

We offer several rubber strap options for the Datejust 31 in our e-Boutique. These straps also fit the Oyster Perpetual 31 model (with 16 mm lug spacing). Aside from the Pink Flamingo option, we have straps in Jet Black, Sky Blue, Red Devil, Arctic White and Chocolate Brown. We also offer our new Tuxedo Velour straps, made from 100% vulcanized rubber with a velour texture, for these models as well.

We utilize ‘blocked integration’ engineering to create a flush mount onto the Oyster case free of gaps and movement. Our straps for the Datejust 31 on Oyster bracelet incorporate the Oysterclasp that comes with the watch, giving the rubber strap configuration a custom look and a comfortable wear. Our straps are 100% Swiss made and contain no blends, bonds or dyes and exceed FDA and BVGG specifications.

For more information on our straps for the Datejust 31 model, visit rubberb.com. In addition to Rolex, we offer straps for Panerai and Patek Philippe luxury timepieces.

Pink Flamingo Rubber Strap for Rolex Datejust (31mm)

Photo of Pink Flamingo Rubber Strap for Rolex Datejust 31mm

Pink Flamingo Rubber Strap for Rolex Datejust 31mm

In the Rubber B e-Boutique you can find 100% Swiss made vulcanized rubber straps for your Rolex Datejust 31mm model. Our straps utilize ‘blocked integration’ technology to create a flush mount onto the case of the Datejust (with 16mm lug spacing) with no gaps or movement. This creates a comfortable and secure fit that allows you to take your watch with you on any outdoor adventure.

The Datejust model above is fitted with our Pink Flamingo rubber strap. If your Datejust model has an Oyster bracelet, you can mount the Oysterclasp that comes with your timepiece onto the strap for added convenience. We also offer straps for the Datejust models that come with Jubilee or President bracelets that feature a tang buckle.

To browse our selection of colors and styles for the Datejust 31 model, visit rubberb.com. In addition to straps for Rolex, we offer rubber straps for Panerai and Patek Philippe timepieces. If you prefer a genuine leather strap, take a look at our Structure Series straps that are compatible with any watch brand depending on the lug spacing.