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Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models

With Rolex watches being featured in early James Bond films, the brand has been tied to the adventurous sophistication of the 007 franchise ever since. To honor the tradition of wearing a Rolex with a tuxedo, have created our Tuxedo Velour straps for watchmaker’s midsize models. Made in Switzerland from 100% vulcanized rubber, they offer a black tie aesthetic that is equally equipped to handle outdoor activities.

One of the advantages of a luxury rubber strap with a formal flair is that you don’t have to change your watchband to transition from casual settings to events like weddings or galas. You can go from shopping on the streets of Venice to a gondola ride to a fancy dinner in St. Mark’s Square without changing your wristwatch. The Tuxedo Velour strap looks particularly spectacular on the yellow gold Datejust 31 with fluted bezel shown above.

The combination of the old world charm of a classic gold Rolex and the versatility of a rubber strap creates the perfect configuration for anyone with luxury style and a desire for comfort. We offer Tuxedo Velour straps for Rolex Midsize and Ladies models, including the Oyster Perpetual 34 and 31, the Yacht-Master 35 and more. We offer versions for the OP 31 that incorporate the deployant clasp that comes with the watch in addition to a tang buckle version.

To browse our entire line of straps for Rolex models, visit our e-Boutique at rubberb.com. We also offer straps micro-callibrated to fit Panerai and Patek Philippe watches, with bands for Tudor coming soon. We also offer leather watch straps designed to fit any watch brand based on lug spacing in our Structure Series.

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Datejust 31

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models (photo: Tim de Groot)

Rubber B Tuxedo Velour Straps for Rolex Midsize Models (photo: Tim de Groot)

If your career requires you to attend black tie affairs on a regular basis, Rubber B has designed the ultimate rubber strap for your Midsize Rolex. As shown in the photo above on a Datejust 31, our Tuxedo Velour straps feature a velour design detail that maintains the watch’s elegance while offering the comfort of a vulcanized rubber strap. This configuration is ideal for professionals who would like to present themselves in a distinguished manner without sacrificing practicality.

Rolex’s Midsize and Ladies models adhere to the standards of classic Swiss watchmaking. While larger watch cases are popular these days, they reflect a more sporty aesthetic that does not transition well to formal settings. Opinions may differ as to whether or not sports watches are appropriate to style with formalwear, but there is no doubt that a Rolex Datejust or Oyster Perpetual looks great with a suit. In our e-Boutique, we offer Tuxedo Velour strap options for the Datejust 31 and Oyster Perpetual 31 as well as the Oyster Perpetual 34 models.

Every vulcanized rubber strap offered by Rubber B is manufactured in Switzerland using the highest quality materials available on the market. The fine lines and flush mount of our straps are the result of micro-callibration using ‘blocked integration’ engineering. Our straps fit the watches they are designed for precisely, maintaining the integrity and luxury of the original configuration. They exceed FDA and BVGG specifications and are non-allergen, non-marking and non-toxic. The velour design detail is achieved without glue or additional materials, using the same vulcanized rubber as the base.

For more information on our Tuxedo Velour straps for Rolex Datejust 31, visit rubberb.com. We offer rubber strap options for most Rolex models as well as luxury timepieces from Panerai and Patek Philippe. If you prefer a genuine leather strap configuration, check our our Structure Series straps, designed to fit all watch brands based on lug width.