Vegan Watch Straps from Rubber B

SwimSkin® Universal Vegan Watch Straps

100% Rubber, but looks identical to Alligator or Kevlar. Direct from Rubber B and available for immediate shipping.


Unfathomable Luxury! 

Although SwimSkin® straps look and feel identical to moisture sensitive materials such as Alligator bands and Kevlar straps, 

they are actually made of entirely waterproof rubber for all aquatic activities and perspiration. The texture and patina of our patented surface even looks like authentic Alligator or Kevlar® when viewing the watch straps under a magnifying glass. Rubber B offers many various vegan watch straps to perfectly match with all brand watches that feature standard 21mm, 22mm. 23mm and 24mm lug space.

A Classic Strap for a Limitless Lifestyle
22mm vegan watch straps that are 100% RUBBER

A Classic Strap for a Limitless Lifestyle
22mm vegan watch straps that are 100% RUBBER

Select the size above that corresponds with your watch lug space

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5 Reasons Why To Choose Vegan Watch Strap

Now more than ever consumers are shifting from buying animal-made products such as leather watch straps due to the harm the production of these cause to animals and the environment. Through years of design and engineering, Rubber B has developed SwimSkin® technology used to create straps that look and feel like leather but are made 100% of vulcanized rubber offering customers an alternative from the classic leather watch strap whilst maintaining the sought after look. If you are still on the fence as to why SwimSkin® straps are the perfect alternative choice, here are five reasons to help make your final decision:

The production of classic leather straps involves the poaching and harm of exotic animals. As an alternative, Rubber B has created the SwimSkin® Alligator strap which allows customers to maintain the same classic leather look and feel but the production of these straps doesn’t involve the use of animals or their byproducts. In fact, Rubber B straps are made 100% of vulcanized rubber, allowing to give more color options to consumers and maintaining their production animal friendly.

The average length of time leather and fabric watch straps last for is 1 year. A rubber strap, specifically a Rubber B vulcanized rubber strap, lasts many more years looking new. Classic straps are disposed of more frequently, creating waste and harm to our environment, while Rubber B provides a more sustainable option in the watch strap market.

It looks like a true alligator with a vegan strap giving you a lesson everywhere you go. A combination of a black harness with a snow white dial gives you an added appearance of sophistication. In addition to that it has an Optional 316L Stainless Steel Buckle which will surely help it work for a long time. Vegan alligator watch belts are higher quality than natural alligator which makes them more convenient to wear them more comfortable which you can’t say about animal alligator after the years past.

As mentioned, Rubber B SwimSkin® alligator straps are made of 100% vulcanized rubber, which means no animals are harmed or involved in their production. Through patented technology Rubber B has been able to create the same look, texture and soft feel as animal leather.

Through years of research and investment in new machinery and techniques, Rubber B has developed and patented the SwimSkin® technology. Always at the forefront of design, Rubber B is the ultimate option for watch straps, available in a variety of colors and textures.

When choosing a SwimSkin® Rubber B strap, you are opting for a more environmentally friendly choice that doesn’t involve the harm of animals, menacing chemicals, or mass production, making Rubber B the safest watch strap option for the environment, and certainly in the luxury horology industry.

SwimSkin® straps by Rubber B are guaranteed to be the most comfortable, durable, and the best quality alternative to leather or fabric watch straps.

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