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The Structure Series™ by Rubber B is a universal watchband, which is compatible with most watches based on their lug spacing.

These luxury watch straps bring together two very different elements, usually considered opposites: rubber and leather. Although they are both very desirable and necessary to each individual’s particular needs, these two materials rarely share the spotlight together on a host watch, as a classic, balanced execution has not previously existed with non-integrated universal watch straps.

THE CUSTOMER ADVANTAGE: Leather watchbands are extremely costly, develop odors, and experience deformation from perspiration. They crack and crease due the deteriorating nature of humid cardboard filler pads… A Rubber B Structure Series™ contains no filler pad: the leather surface fits crease-free and smoothly fused to the shapely rubber base for the entire life of the strap. The wearer no longer worries about the temperature rising, causing them to perspire, and ruin their leather strap. At the end of an active day, a Structure Series™ rubber base can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth, avoiding any damage to the fine leather surface. No other leather watch bracelet can match the endurance of our Structure Series™ watchbands.

Rubber B cares significantly about the customer experience beyond their point of purchase. Due to this relationship, clients notoriously develop an endearing affection for their Rubber B watch straps. Customer satisfaction is commonly demonstrated on various independent blogs, social media and forums online. Rubber B is also known for excellent worldwide customer service and same day shipping.