Rubber B Watch Bands & Straps

Hand crafted and finished in Switzerland. These luxury watch straps are calibrated to precisely fit and compliment the quality and beauty of specific luxury watches and clasps.

The Ultimate Rubber Strap
Made In Switzerland

The First

Rubber B was the first company to ever conceive & introduce integrated straps for Rolex watches and clasps in 2010. Innovations have since grown to include customized straps for many Swiss luxury watch brands. "Blocked Integration" provides a fixed, rotation-free mount to the watch case with micro-calibrated precision.

As a company based solely in Original Innovations, a Rubber B strap is always the first of its kind.


Luxury Straps for Patek Philippe

Straps for Rolex


Each Rubber B strap is 100% manufactured & hand-finished by Absolute Leaders in the Swiss Haute-Horology Industry.
Rubber B has ALWAYS featured the most respected and internationally regulated mark "SWISS MADE" in their body.

Crafted & calibrated by watch experts using innovative patented machinery, Rubber B exemplifies the most advanced level of investment in research, development & execution of exciting new products, processes and techniques.

Luxury Straps for Audemars Piguet

Luxury Straps for Panerai


Made of natural, supple Vulcanized Rubber for a comfortable, reliable fit. RB provides superior resistance to molecular stress & environmental elements such as Ozone, UV, and a harsh aquatic environment.

Permanent Solid Insert (Titanium and Carbon) contained within the Rubber B strap, ensure a safe, dependable mount to its intended watch and clasp, along with a perfectly calibrated pin shaft for ease of OEM spring bar insertion.

Luxury Straps for Tudor Watches

Our products are always 100% Swiss Made
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