The Rubber B company

Rubber B is a luxury company based solely in innovation, that develops integrated products, which are always the very first of their kind. Rubber B is the only alternative rubber strap brand who's straps feature the legal mold marking "Swiss Made" in their rubber. Our factory is located in Switzerland, and all Rubber B straps are 100% made in Switzerland by top leaders in the luxury watch industry, calibrated to precisely fit and compliment the quality and beauty of specific luxury watches and clasps.
Our reputation is built on each customer's long term quality experience with our products and service.
Driven by a profound passion for luxury innovation, Rubber B has succeeded in engineering a precise design which harmonizes with every esthetic boundary of an intended watch's design. This allows owners to have the flexibility and comfort of a Rubber B strap, without compromising the classic, distinctive beauty that their watch and clasp represent.
Rubber B products open the door for athletes, divers, outdoor enthusuiasts, and individual luxury watch owners such as Rolex and Panerai, who are looking for a unique, comfortable alternative to their metal bracelets, leather bands and Nato straps.
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