Important Installation Tips

The Rule: A Rubber B strap will always easily mount the correct watch without any modification or harm to the watch or altering the strap design. If you experience any difficulty or confusion while mounting a strap , this is not normal. So please contact Rubber B immediately for assistance in determining your compatibility issue.

Rubber B straps do not require any modification to their form , other than their original design.


Classic Series:

  • Custom designed to fit all aspects of your own original deployant clasp or buckle.
  • Does not come with it's own clasp or buckle.
  • Always leave as much extra length hidden inside of your clasp for weight gain or error. Do not cut the strap too short (remove sections gradually)
  • Is not compatible with the EasyLink. If your Rolex model has an EasyLink, you will store it away with your Oyster bracelet. The Rubber B strap mounts directly to your clasp pin, providing the adjustibility & comfort you will enjoy, rendering the Easylink unnecessary.
  • Never cut a Rubber B strap into a "shape" to fit your equipment (as per " The Rule" above)
  • Rolex watch models with older style clasps (non-ceramic Submariners, non-ceramic GMT Masters, etc) have a permanent link on their clasp at the 6'oclock side, attached by a rivited screw. NEVER touch a rivited screw. A Rubber B strap is designed to easily mount the regular little screw on your Oyster bracelet link . All orders for older watch model straps will come with an instruction card showing the correct screw to mount.

Tang buckle series:

  • Comes with it's own 316L Stainless Steel Tang Buckle for a lifetime finish.
  • Fits Very Small to Large wrist sizes elegantly, without overly-long tip or wrap-around.
  • Extra Large wrist sizes would be better suited with the Classic Series or the Velcro® Series.

Velcro® Series:

  • Comes with a retainer loop, which is optional to use. The retainer loop is not necessary for the securtiy of your watch, but some clients like to use it for tip retaining, depending on their particular wrist fit.
  • The strap has security features that prevent it from slipping off of your wrist by accident (Alfatex® Industrial Velcro and a Titanium Loop which does not allow the strap to release on its own).

Glidelock series:

  • For certain Rolex models such as Deepsea and Sea-Dweller Ceramic, which come with a Diver Extention Link, we like to recommend customers to store their Diver Extention away with their Oyster bracelet, replacing the span with rubber (one size larger) for the most esthetic beauty and micro-adjustment capability for perfect comfort.
  • For all Glidelock Series installations: NEVER disassemble your Glide mechanism . The Rubber B GL Series is designed to easily mount the regular screw of your glide with a jeweler's screwdriver.
A note for everyone:

Installing a Rubber B strap is as simple as removing your spring bar, sliding it into the perfectly calibrated Rubber B strap shaft, and then clicking it back into position on your watch. The clasp is easily mounted onto the normal screw using a jeweler's screwdriver. If you are unfamiliar with, or are less than comfortable with removing your Rolex bracelet yourself, then we recommend that you visit a professional luxury watch shop, and have them mount the strap for you, so that you do not scratch or damage your watch or spring bars. It should take a professional watch person less than five minutes total to install a Rubber B strap. The strap should always be installed from the rear of the watch (never the front). You can use painter's tape to protect your lugs while installing. As a luxury strap company, we do not offer any aftermarket spring bar tools. But we do advise usisng a reputable tool such as the Bergeon Spring Bar Tool 6767-F for the spring bar removal. These vary in price $15 and up. You can also use other Bergeon tools or different brands as well.

To see various installations of other customers and retailers, have a look at our Installation Videos page. If you have any other enquiries, you can review our FAQ page as well, or feel free to email

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