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The ultimate rubber strap for breitling

A company based on first-ever innovations and flawless calibrations, Rubber B has evolved an unrivaled collection of Vulcanized Rubber straps, which are ALWAYS 100% manufactured and hand-finished in Switzerland by Absolute Leaders in the Luxury Watch Strap Industry.

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The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Breitling is more than just a watchband.

Made entirely in Switzerland of strong, supple, torsion resistant vulcanized rubber, these SwimSkin® straps for Breitling offer the classic appeal of various moisture-sensitive materials such as Alligator and Kevlar, while providing limitless waterproof enjoyment with unparalleled endurance during the wearers' most active lifestyles. The next level of opulence...

SwimSkin® is a patented technology developed by Rubber B over many years, which required entirely new innovations in industrial machinery and techniques.

Breitling watches should only be matched with the finest, most high-end watch bands, made 100% in Switzerland by Leaders in the Luxury Horology Industry.

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