Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece
Happy 2022 Father’s Day from Rubber B

Rubber B produces custom rubber watch bands for timepieces from a variety of leading global watchmakers, including Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai, as well as several others. Our complete product catalog features straps in a plethora of different colors, textures, and styles, and each one of our watch bands is made solely from 100% vulcanized rubber.

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

Are you in a rut as to what you should get for dad this Father’s Day? With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d offer some suggestions. Consider the highest quality watch strap to accompany his luxury timepiece. A watch strap can be as decorative as it is useful, and it can be something that will remind him of you every time he checks his wristwatch. 

Whether your father loves being out on the ocean, out in the mountains or forest, flying planes, or attending events and meetings, we’re sure to help you choose the best strap for your father’s timepiece and lifestyle. We’ve selected a few options of watch straps in different styles to help you choose the best watch strap for your dad this Father’s Day. 

Best Watch Straps for the Sailor Dad

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

Breitling SuperOcean

This watch is perfect for the dad who loves spending time on the water; take it diving, surfing, sailing and swimming! Rubber B offers numerous options of watch straps for this watch. Ranging in sizes from 42mm to 46mm sized bands you can choose a strap made of completely Vulcanized Rubber and are 100% waterproof. The variety of watch straps offered for 42mm-44mm models range from SwimSkin Vegan Alligator watch straps, SwimSkin Ballistic watch straps, and 100% Rubber Cuff Twill watch straps.The different textures offered for 44mm and 46mm sized watches are options in SwimSkin 100% Vegan Alligator and Ballistic watch straps. 

Best Father’s Day Gift Watch Straps for the Hiker Dad 

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

Rolex Explorer II 42mm

These watches have been tested by Rolex in real life by being exposed to polar, mountain and caving expeditions over the years. It’s especially a perfect watch for the father who likes being off the grid. In fact, the original Rolex Explorer first got its name from accompanying the first two hikers (Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay) to reach the peak of Mount Everest in 1953.

For this luxury timepiece, Rubber B has a few options of watch straps to accompany your father while on his adventures! Some watch strap options include watching straps from their Classic and Rubber Cuff Series, for both sizes of 42mm and 44mm. In their Classic Series, color options range from Solid color and Vulcromatic dual-colored options with combinations of Jet Black, Mandarin Orange, and Arctic White which definitely compliments the dial of the watch. In their SwimSkin Twill Rubber Cuff series, they offer Jet Black and Navy Blue as options.  

Best Father’s Day Gift Watch Straps for the Pilot Dad

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII 

The IWC Pilot Mark XVIII is known by many as the go-to pilot’s watch. It’s more compact than the IWC Mark XI and is reduced in complications to a pilot’s main essentials, everything designed on this watch is to be clear and legible. The inner case of the IWC Pilot Mark XVIII is protected against magnetic fields and the front glass is secured against displacement by sudden drops in pressure. To match the simplistic look of this watch Rubber B would suggest a Jet Black solid watch strap from their Tang Buckle Series, however, there are many options to choose from. Other watch strap color options in solid include Arctic White, Red Devil, Pacific Blue (a great match for the IWC XVIII with the blue dial), and Mandarin Orange.

Best Father’s Day Gift Watch Straps for the Business Dad

Best Watch Father’s Day Gifts for his Luxury Timepiece

Rolex Datejust 

In 1945, the first Rolex Datejust was released, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Rolex; it has remained largely unchanged for the past 60 years. The Datejust was the first automatic wristwatch with an automatically changing date window. It was housed in an Oyster case. Noteworthy businessmen such as Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan wore a Rolex Datejust. The Rolex Datejust is an extremely popular watch, and Rubber B has a variety of different options of watch straps for this luxury timepiece.

Watch straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31mm Rolex Datejust 31mm watch strap closer options include Classic and Tang Buckle series, a variety of solid color options including Pink Flamingo and Sky Blue as well as a texture option in Tuxedo Velour.

In pre-2016 models, 41mm of Rolex Datejust Rubber B offers options in their Classic and Rubber Cuff Series. In the Classic Series, solid color options are Jet Black, Arctic White, and Mandarin Orange. In the Rubber Cuff series colors in Jet Black and Navy Blue are available. 

In post-2016 models of the 41mm Rolex Datejust, there are solid colored options available from their Tang Buckle series in Jet Black, Arctic White, Pine Green, Navy Blue, and Espresso Brown.

(2019-present versions (36mm ref.126***) soon to be available, sign up via Rubber B’s waiting-list signup page here.

This father’s day, get your dad a gift he’ll get used to every day. These straps are completely waterproof and made of the highest quality vulcanized rubber. A thoughtful and meaningful gift, as well as a gift that will last for years to come, a watch strap for his luxury timepiece, will be timeless!

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Rubber B watch straps do not contain any coating, blends, or bonding, and each and every strap undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets quality control standards.

If you would like to learn more about our complete list of products, shipping policies, pricing, or have questions about our custom rubber watch straps, please visit the Rubber B website today for more information. One of our valued associates will be happy to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.

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