Black Genuine Leather Straps for All Watch Brands

photo of Jet Black Genuine Leather Straps for All Watch Brands by Rubber B

Jet Black Genuine Alligator Leather Straps for All Watch Brands by Rubber B

While most of the watch straps in the Rubber B e-Boutique are micro-callibrated to fit specific wristwatch models, we offer genuine leather straps in our Structure Series designed to fit any watch brand. Available for timepieces with lug spacing of 18 mm, 20 mm or 22 mm, our leather straps bring a classic elegance to any model, new or vintage.

The Jet Black alligator leather strap shown on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso above maintains the luxury aesthetic of the elegant gold watch. With a black vulcanized rubber base, the leather remains protected from sweat and other elements of daily wear that would otherwise penetrate the leather. Comfort and elegance are not mutually exclusive when it comes to our Structure Series watchbands. The rubber base follows the contours of the wrist and creates a pleasurable wear that does not sacrifice style or luxury.

We offer several combinations of leather and rubber to suit different tastes. From Saddle Brown and Cognac to Jet Black on a Red Devil base, there is a color combination for everybody. Made in Switzerland with the highest quality materials available, they will outlast any other leather band on the market. Browse the entire Structure Series collection of genuine leather straps now at