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Red watchband for the Tudor Blackbay

Rubber B – Red Watch Straps for Valentine’s Day

Red watchband for the Tudor Blackbay

Red Watch Straps

Get in the spirit this Valentine’s Day by showing off your Swiss Made red watch bands by Rubber B.  Red watchbands are a stunning accompaniment to watches of all makes and models.  Combining a red watch band with a watch that has a black dial or bezel is sure to catch some attention.  Pictured above is a two-toned watch band manufactured for the Tudor Black Bay.  This watchband has a jet black outer band and in inner red layer.  The watch band supports the Tudor Bay deployant clasp. 

Red Band for the Rolex Daytona

Red Band for the Rolex Daytona

Rubber B has developed several red watchbands for the Rolex line of timepieces including the popular Rolex Daytona.  Several Rolexes come with a touch of red inside the dial or on the hands themselves.  In this Rolex, we can see a feint “Daytona” written in red on the dial.  Many of the “Red Daytona’s” are imprinted with a darker and more distinct red print and match beautifully with the red wrist band.

Red watchband for the Panerai Luminor 1950 44mm

Red watchband for the Panerai Luminor 1950 44mm

The Panerai Luminor with black dial and steel case looks stunning with a red wristband.  Red and black seem to be made for each other, creating a sensual dance of timeless beauty and exotic romance.  It is a combination that one can quickly fall in love with.

Yachtmaster 2 with blue and red band

Yachtmaster 2 with blue and red band

Rubber B designed a new style of watchband which contains a base color and (blue base pictured above) a red stripe.  This unique combination watch band is both elegant and sporty.  If there are touches of red within the bezel or dial, the vulcromatic watchband can tie together the red coloring within the band itself.   The Rolex GMT Master has red on the bezel and on its 24 hour hand.  The Rolex Yachtmaster II (pictured above) offsets the blue bezel with red hands.  The Rolex Sea Dweller and Rolex Daytona both use red lettering to identify the style of watch on the dial.

Red bracelets with Alligator Leather

Red bracelets with Alligator Leather

Rubber B has developed the above watch bands to support many timepieces regardless of brand.  These are developed with two-tone colors, a black leather on top and red rubber layer underneath.  The black leather is available in either genuine alligator or full grain leather.  These watch bands fit 18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm lug sizes.

As with all fine timepieces, Rubber B is the highest quality Swiss Made alternative strap in the market. Rubber B straps are engineered to achieve a perfect fit that will seamlessly adapt to your timepiece’s specifications on the case and clasp giving your watch a complete original manufacturer’s appearance combined with longer daily wearability and athletic activities.

These alternative watch straps are made in Switzerland of pure vulcanized rubber with no coatings, blends or bonding. Completely hand finished at the factory, they are engineered to fit various wrist sizes. For more information on Rubber B Swiss Made models visit our “Products” tab on our home page.

Rubber B watch bands for any season

Watchbands for Any Season – Which Band is Right for Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall?

Rubber B watch bands for any season

Rubber B watch bands are always in season

One question you may ask when choosing a watchband color is “Which watchband looks best for the season?” Although watchband styles typically transcend seasons, traditionally the black leather bands are worn during Winter months and lighter brown leather bands or more fun bands like our red and black bands may be worn during the other months. Although it is quite acceptable to wear black leather or brown leather bands year-round.

When trying to decide which watchband to wear for the season you are in, it largely depends on the style of clothing you typically wear. A black or grey suit will always look spectacular with a black bracelet accompanying your fine timepiece. It does not matter what time of year, a black or grey suit is always in season. However, wearing a brown leather bracelet even in the dead of Winter or with your choice of suit is also acceptable.

There are no clear fashion rules when it comes to watchbands. For example: They don’t have to match your shoes. Many people alternate watchbands just for a change, or they may own a few fine timepieces with different watchbands, metal colors, and styles and switch watches on a regular basis.

One of the goals for Rubber B is to provide a watchband that works for any season. Each band is designed of vulcanized rubber and contain no coatings, blends, or bonding. These Swiss made watchbands are made for comfort and durability. Unlike other watchbands, which develop smells, creases and deformation from perspiration, Rubber B bands contain no filler pads and the leather surface is crease-free. Even if you want to wear a black leather band from Rubber B during the hot summer months, you can easily wash the rubber base after activities, and your leather surface will remain unharmed and ready for your next black-tie event.

So, no matter whether you are in the boardroom in Winter or on the surfboard in Summer your Rubber B bracelet will always be in season.

black leather luxury watch strap

An Innovative Leather Strap for Luxury Watches

Leather Strap  – In our quest to create the ultimate rubber strap for the top luxury watch brands, we decided that the classic leather watch strap needed a 21st century update. The style of a genuine leather watchband is timeless, but many of the bands available on the market fail to live up to today’s luxury standards. In order to create the ultimate leather strap for luxury watches, we decided to add a vulcanized rubber base.

These materials are usually seen as opposites, with rubber bands seen on sportier watches and leather straps reserved for dress watches. However, when combined, they offer the wearer the best of both materials. The Structure Series straps in the Rubber B e-Boutique offer the comfort and durability of a rubber strap combined with the elegance of leather. The skin is fused onto the base, then hand-stitched internally within the base for a smooth, crease-free finish.

In addition to the Jet Black alligator leather configuration shown above, we offer a variety of leather and base color choices. There is a Structure Series strap for every watch, with straps designed to fit lug spacings of 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. They come with a 316l stainless steel tang buckle that can be replaced with the original buckle from most luxury watches.

Browse our entire selection of genuine leather straps at We ship all over the world within 24-28 hours of your order, with expedited shipping available.

Photo of Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona on Cognac Alligator Leather Strap

22mm Cognac Leather Watch Strap for All Watches

The genuine leather watch straps in the Rubber B Structure Series combine old world style with contemporary wristwatch innovations. Rubber and leather are usually seen as opposing forces in the world of watches, but when they come together they offer the ultimate in luxury. With an alligator skin fused onto a vulcanized rubber base, the wearer enjoys both flexibility and elegance on one watchband.

Made in Switzerland using the finest materials in the world, the Cognac Alligator Leather strap shown above is available to fit watches with a lug spacing of either 18mm, 20mm or 22mm. The straps in this collection come with a 316l tang buckle that can be replaced by the buckle of many wristwatch models. All of the hand-stitching is recessed within a trench and invisibly knotted under the rubber base for maximum comfort. The leather surface is also recessed to sit flush against the base in an innovative design that eliminates the need for fillers or liners.

With the protection of the rubber against your skin, the beautiful leather band will last long without developing odors or losing its shape. In addition to Cognac, our alligator leather Structure Series strap is also available in Jet Black on either a Jet Black or Red Devil base. To browse the entire collection, visit our e-Boutique at We ship internationally within 24-48 hours of receiving your order, with expedited shipping available.

photo of Saddle Brown Full Grain Leather Rubber Watchband by Rubber B

Brown Full Grain Leather Watchband on Rubber Base

Luxury comes in many forms, with different characteristics that cater to consumer’s needs and desires. Versatility is an element of luxury innovation that benefits the end user in a practical way. When it comes to versatility in a genuine leather watchband, nothing compares to the straps in the Structure Series by Rubber B. They are designed for a universal fit on a watch from any brand based on lug spacing and feature a vulcanized rubber base for lasting comfort and durability.

The photo above shows a Saddle Brown full grain leather watch strap fused onto a Jet Black rubber base. Manufactured and hand-finished in Switzerland, our leather straps feature the highest quality materials available to luxury watchmakers. They come with a 316l tang buckle that can be replaced with the buckle of many high-end timepieces. If you own a wristwatch with a lug spacing of either 18mm, 20mm or 22mm, you can shop our entire selection of Structure Series straps.

In addition to Saddle Brown, we offer grain leather straps in Jet Black as well. If you prefer to add some flair to your leather strap configuration, check out our Jet Black leather straps on a Red Devil vulcanized rubber base. They offer just enough color without sacrificing the classic aesthetic of a leather watchband. We also offer genuine alligator leather straps in Cognac and Jet Black on black rubber. All of the stitching used matches the color of the skin for a streamlined look.

Visit to shop the entire Structure Series collection in our e-Boutique 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We ship internationally within 24-48 hours of receiving your order with expedited shipping available.