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Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick

Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick
Rolex Sky-Dweller with Black and Red Rubber B Band.

The Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick

In order to look at the possible Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick, it is important to understand the unique Rolex History as the original aviator’s timepiece maker. First, when we think of Rolex, we immediately think of the Rolex Daytona – the iconic racecar driver’s timepiece. Then, we may consider the Submariner – the leading diving timepiece. And then, some people might even think about the Yachtmaster – Regatta Sailor’s timepiece. Or the Explorer – the timepiece for climbers. However, pilot’s timepieces, are an after-thought for Rolex aficionados.

Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick
Rolex Air King with Orange Rubber B band

Three and a Half Rolex Pilot Watches

One of the biggest reasons, Rolex may not be as well known for its pilot watches is the fact that there are 3 distinct watches that fit the billing. Rolex designated the Sky-Dweller as its pilot’s timepiece. Rolex aptly assigned the “Dweller” title to the name. However, the GMT-Master II could easily be considered a pilot’s watch. Then, there is the Air-King.

However, if you go back to 1953, you might even loop in the original Rolex Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird as the first official Rolex aviator’s timepiece. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Demonstration Squadron made this their official timepiece. Rolex discontinued the Thunderbird in 2011.

Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick
Rolex Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II with Black Rubber B band.

Which Rolex is Maverick’s Top Gun?

Almost 30 years ago Top Gun made Tom Cruse a household name. Everyone learned the names of Goose, Iceman, and Maverick. The plot follows a hotshot pilot Maverick and his good-natured navigator Goose into Top Gun training school. The film is set in warm southern California. Fueled by sun, sand and the on-set chemistry of Maverick and Charlie played by Kelly McGillis, Top Gun quickly soared to the top.

Similarly, the new Top Gun Maverick, set to come out in Summer 2020, follows Tom Cruise’s character and his new on-screen romance with Jennifer Connelly.

Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick

Maverick is older. He could be a 2 star general by now. Instead, he is still a captain. He is still a great pilot and he feels most comfortable in the air. He is is the only pilot that has shot down 3 enemies. We know there will be a new conflict? Russia? China? Or something new? While, we know there must be a wrinkle. Perhaps Goose’s son comes to Top Gun. Perhaps Iceman challenges Maverick again?

Most noteworthy, we see Connelly on the back of Maverick’s motorcycle. Therefore, we know there will be a love interest for Maverick. She is a single mother and owner of the local bar. However, it seems like the ghosts of Goose and Maverick’s father may still be with him. Certainly their memories will prevent him from being truly committed to anything but his aircraft. The rush of speed quiets the memories of the past.

Rolex Pilot Watches of Top Gun Maverick
Rolex GMT-Master I with Black Rubber B band

This is Maverick’s Time

The word maverick refers to something that blazes new trails. They are the first to achieve. In this vein, we feel that Maverick might be most likely to wear a vintage Rolex GMT-Master I. Perhaps he would remember that his dad – a successful pilot. Perhaps it is a gift from Viper – a friend of his dad’s and mentor to Maverick.

First, I think that the above GMT Master is less flashy than the standard Pepsi dial GMT. The black band from Rubber B would compliment the black dial and bezel while providing comfort when playing volleyball on the beach.

Secondly, the second timezone would allow Maverick to keep track of time and two time zones even when on an air craft carrier which was always on the move. The large luminescent hour markers provide tremendous visibility even at 45,000 feet above sea level. I am not sure if Maverick would opt for the older reference 6542, but more likely the reference 1675 which was introduced in 1959 and continued through 1980. Maverick would respect the longevity of a timepiece like this, similar to his own longevity in his role as fighter ace.

The Watches of Ford v Ferrari

The watches of Ford v Ferrari
Image from the book offered on Amazon

The watches of Ford v Ferrari we describe here are representative timepieces we would expect these race car drivers to wear at Le Mans 1966 if they had the choice.

In 1966, automotive visionary Carroll Shelby teamed up with British race car driver Ken Miles. Their mission was to build the Ford GT40. This was to be a race car able to defeat the Ferrari racing team at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France.

The Watches of Ford v Ferrari
New Hollywood Film with Matt Damon and Christian Bale

The new Hollywood film stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale. It is currently playing in theaters now. The story begins with famous Ford Motor Company VP Lee Iacocca who recommends the purchase of Ferrari. However Enzo Ferrari walks out of the deal with Ford and takes a deal with Fiat instead. As a result, a furious Henry Ford II hires Shelby American owner Carroll Shelby. His goal is to defeat the reigning king of Le Mans, Ferrari in a new Ford GT40.

Rolex Daytona the Race Car Driver’s Dream Timepiece with Rubber B band and Rolex Clasp

The Watches of Ford v Ferrari

Any race car driver would love the Rolex Daytona which is a perfect timepiece for the Ford driver. We would envision that Ford’s Carroll Shelby would be wearing this timepiece. He is a visionary. He is a past champion driver himself. Undoubtedly, he would love wearing a Rolex Daytona. Pictured above is a silver Daytona with a comfortable Rubber B strap.

We believe that Shelby would appreciate the Rolex history of horological discovery. As a designer himself, he would appreciate Rolex’s quest for perfection. He, himself, sidelined by a heart condition, found his calling. He would develop the supercar that would win Ford the title in both Le Mans and Daytona.

Ken Miles Gold Rolex Daytona
Ken Miles Gold Rolex Daytona

Christian Bale plays the British driver Ken Miles. He is flashier. Unpredictable. He is a mechanic and would appreciate the utility of the Rolex Daytona. However, we believe with his European roots, he would appreciate the Gold and Black coloring of the above Rolex Daytona timepiece. This would win him his first title at Daytona, driving Shelby’s Ford GT40. He, too, overcame disaster and possible death after his breaks failed during a test drive.

The Rolex Daytona has set the high water mark for car drivers the world over with a timepiece that can accurately gauge lap times with its two pushers above and below the winding crown. Ken Miles would want the best. We believe he would prefer the gold to go with his flashier tastes and since he essentially “won the gold” at Daytona.

The Watches of Ford v Ferrari
The exquisite Roger Dubuis Excalibur timepiece

The Ferrari Team

The Ferrari team was the team to beat in 1966. They had won Le Mans in 1958, 1960-1964, and had 5 wins at 24 hours of Daytona as well. Winning is part of the Ferrari tradition.

Although the Roger Dubuis was not around in 1966, they have been making striking timepieces since 1995. Their timepieces utilize racing technology and coloring from the famous Pirelli tires and Lamborghini. The ties to Italian supercars would definitely be something that the proud Enzo Ferrari team would support.

The RDDBEX series of timepieces from Roger Dubuis combined with the ultimate rubber straps from Rubber B, provide the ultimate timepiece to support the ultimate racing team.

The Watches of Ford v Ferrari
Roger Dubuis with Blue Rubber B strap and Blue Stitching

Roger Dubuis timepieces generally use the skeleton dial so that you can see the beauty and majesty of the design inside. These timepieces are unique works of art. They are only made in limited runs – meaning that typically only 88 units are ever made of one style. This makes these timepieces ultra rare and a collector’s treasured possession.

The beauty behind these timepieces is the attention to exquisite detail, the touches of coloring that matches actual race cars, and the bands themselves. Rubber B is the official bracelet designer for Roger Dubuis. They have a huge array of colors and styles to match each unique Roger Dubuis timepiece.

3 Designer Bracelets for the Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rubber B Sea Dweller Straps

The Rolex Sea-Dweller Design

Rubber B has developed 3 designer bracelets for the Rolex Sea-Dweller. The Sea-Dweller from Rolex is a brilliant example of Rolex engineering and advancement of horological ingenuity. This timepiece is designed for extreme depth diving. It supports water resistance to an unbelievable 4000 feet. Rolex built the Sea-Dweller with its time-honored Oyster case. Most noteworthy, they built the Sea-Dweller with a 43 mm case. The platinum coated tactile edge around the bezel gives divers the ability to adjust the dive time precisely to their dive and decompression times. Consequently this provides extreme visibility even in the darkest parts of the ocean depths.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller was launched in 1967, and Rolex continued to develop its extreme diver watches. It unveiled the Deepsea version in 2008 supporting a dive depth of 12,800 feet.

The Sea-Dweller has excellent legibility in dark conditions. Similarly, it has large Chromalight hour markers and hands which provide a long-lasting blue glow. The date window on the Sea Dweller is uniquely visible. In contrast, Rolex removed the cyclops lens on the Deepsea model.

Rolex Sea Dweller White Rubber B Strap

Exceptional Features of the Sea-Dweller

First of all, each Sea-Dweller has an escape valve which allows proper decompression in the hyperbaric chamber. Also, this chamber is composed mostly of helium. These tiny helium molecules penetrate the watch case through the gaskets. Therefore, the pressure inside the timepiece can equalize with the pressure inside the changing habitat.

Similarly, the patented gas escape valve keeps the scratchproof sapphire crystal from popping off due to high pressure during decompression. For that reason, the Sea-Dweller preserves the tight waterproofness of the Oyster case and the integrity of the ultimate diver’s timepiece.

Rolex Sea Dweller with Red Rubber B strap
Tang buckle system and Red Band provided by Rubber B

The innovative case design utilizing a grade 5 titanium and nitrogen-alloyed steel allows the Deepsea to withstand weight up to 3 tonnes. The incredible strength of this timepiece allowed James Cameron to turn the Rolex Deepsea into one of his greatest characters. He showed how the timepiece could withstand the dive depth of 11,000 feet deep in the Mariana Trench. The trench is one of the deepest parts of the entire Earth’s ocean.

The Sea-Dweller Reference 126600 has a calibre 3235 self-winding movement. It has a 70 hour power reserve. It is certified as a superlative chronometer. The Sea-Dweller comes with a folding Oysterlock safety clasp and the Rolex Glidelock extension system. It has a Fliplock extension link – allowing divers to easily adjust the watch band on the wrist or on top of a dive suit.

Rolex Sea Dweller Black Strap

Three Bracelets for the Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rubber B developed 3 designer bracelets for the Rolex Sea-Dweller. Firstly, this includes a Vulcanized Rubber strap precision engineered to fit Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm. Then, this strap utilizes “Blocked Integration” engineering, including solid inserts for a flawless, motionless flush mount to the Sea-Dweller case.


Rolex released many of the professional models that would go on to become their most popular in the 1950s. The world became intrigued by exploration, experimentation, aviation and diving in this decade. Hans Wilsdorf remained tapped into the zeitgeists of the time and made sure that Rolex wristwatches went along for the ride. 

A 316L Stainless Steel buckle comes with this strap. The finish will last a lifetime. Rubber B makes each bracelet in Switzerland of pure vulcanized rubber. No coating, blends or bonding are used. This creates a non-toxic, non marking, and allergen free bracelet. The rubber band matches the exceptional beauty and strength to this exquisite diver’s tool.

For more information, visit our page here.

Extensive Selection of Rolex Submariner Designer Watchbands

Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner 116618LN
Yellow Gold Submariner 116618LN

The Unparalleled Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is the world’s most recognizable Rolex.  Perhaps it was the mystique behind James Bond’s chosen timepiece. Similarly, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner was the first timepiece capable of submerging to 100 meters.  Rolex released the Sub in 1954. It became the first diver’s watch. It is a tool watch of the highest caliber.

However, Rolex never rested on its success. It continued to develop the Submariner. It added a cyclops lens over the date window. Then, Rolex increased water resistance to 1000 feet in the Submariner. It added 12,800 feet of resistance in the Sea-Dweller models.

Submariner with different color straps from Rubber B
Submariner with different color straps from Rubber B

The Submariner has seen subtle changes over the years.  Rolex added a Sapphire crystal to add scratch resistance to its already robust case.  The case is built out of solid materials. The classic stainless steel. Yellow gold. , White gold. And two-tone gold.  The timepiece comes in both a model with a date window and a no-date option.  The no-date submariner only comes in stainless steel.

Rolex Submariner with Green "Hulk" bezel
Submariner with Green “Hulk” bezel

Other Popular Submariners

The above Submariner is a classic green bezel Sub. Collectors named it the “Hulk” after the Marvel comic superhero.  This Submariner comes with a black dial. Rolex also makes a matching green dial model as well.

Rolex Submariner with Blue Bezel and Blue Dial

This model is built with a stunning blue bezel. It has a two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel case.  It has a blue dial, making the white luminous hour markers pop with dazzling contrast.  Rolex surrounded the hour markers on this Submariner with 18 karat yellow gold.  This protects the hour markers from bleeding.  The blue Rubber B watchband completes the package on this timeless timepiece.

Submariner with support for Rolex clasp
Submariner with support for Rolex clasp

3 Bands for the Rolex Submariner

Rubber B designed 3 different model bands for the Submariner.  It has the standard bracelet that supports the original Rolex deployant buckle. It has a standard 316L Stainless Steel Tang buckle band.  Rubber B also pioneered the stunning Velcro clasp with Gore-Tenara Marine Thread. They added a Titanium insert for strength.

Submariner with Velcro Strap
Submariner with Velcro Strap

Rubber B makes all of its bands in Switzerland. All bands are pure vulcanized rubber.  The Tang Series and the Classic Series each have a wide variety of color options.  Rubber B engineered all three bands with Blocked Engineering for a tight fit.  For more information, visit our Submariner page here.

3 Clasps for the Rolex Submariner Ceramic

Rolex Submariner with Rolesor Gold and Steel Combination

Rolex Submariner with Rolesor Gold and Steel Combination

Launched in 1953 the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner has become one of the most world renowned timepieces.  The Sub was the first divers’ watch to be certified to be waterproof to a depth of 330 feet.  The Oyster was the first waterproof wristwatch, launched in 1926, but the waterproofness system created the first diver’s tool timepiece, setting both the standard and a turning point for a world of divers’ watches to be developed.

Current model Submariners are available with or without the date aperture.  The original Oystersteel model is still available and a standard for men’s timepieces.  However, Rolex has added Rolesor (steel and yellow gold combination), all yellow gold models, and models with different and colorful dials such as the green “hulk” submariner.  The new Submariners don a Triplock triple waterproofness system that supports a water depth of 1000 feet.  If that is not enough waterproofness depth, Rolex also has its Deep-Sea models that can go much deeper.

Another enhancement that has made Rolex Submariner’s leaders in the diver’s timepiece is the Rolex Glidelock clasp, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit over diving suits.  The Glidelock clasp allows the band to expand in 2 mm increments.  However, the fliplock extension links can increase the band to an additional 26 mm.

The Submariner has a 40mm case and is powered by a 3135 caliber self-winding movement with a 48 hour power reserve.  This caliber is developed and manufactured entirely by Rolex.  Certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, it proudly displays its “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on the dial under the Submariner name.

Rolex Submariner with Rubber B Vulcanized Rubber Bands

Rolex Submariner with Rubber B Vulcanized Rubber Bands

Rubber B has developed 3 different style bands for the Rolex Submariner with 3 different clasps.  The first band supports the deployant buckle provided by Rolex.  The second band has a tang buckle provided by Rubber B made out of 316L steel.  The third band is a unique Velcro® Alfatex® closure utilizing a titanium insert for maximum strength and durability.

All Rubber B bands are made from all natural vulcanized rubber and are made in Switzerland. The straps are engineered to fit Rolex Submariner Ceramic, featuring a solid insert for Blocked Integration to the watch case.  For more information, visit our page here.