10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

When looking for graduation gifts for 2022, don’t discount the idea of buying a timeless timepiece for your new graduate. A watch symbolizes exceptional achievement. It combines the historical greatness of the institution and the combined knowledge that has built up over generations. Just as academic studies have built its knowledge up year after year, the finest watchmakers continue to make greater enhancements to their craft year after year.

Investing in a timepiece can also be a long term investment that can be handed down from mother to daughter and father to son for generations. It is more useful than a pen, and far more long lasting. It is a piece of jewelry which has intrinsic value and utility since it can provide exceptional time and other functions for years.

When considering which type of timepiece would be ideal for your son or daughter’s graduation, you need to take into account many factors. If they are athletic, then a sports timepiece would be an ideal gift. If they are joining the corporate world, perhaps a dress watch would be the ideal option.

And no matter which timepiece you go with, adding a colorful strap from Rubber B allows you to personalize the gift with graduate’s favorite color, style, and even engraved with something on the back of the strap. The B2 Configurator allows you to select the style, color, size, clasp, and even do a custom engraving on the back of the actual strap.

10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

The first timepiece to look at for most grads is probably the Apple Watch, if they haven’t received one already. Although an Apple watch is a piece of technology, just like a cell phone, it will probably last longer the the phone itself. It is an excellent accessory to use every day.

The smart watch has clearly made the low – end watch market running on quartz almost a thing of the past. Since you could pick up a highly accurate Apple watch for a little over $300, comparing a similar priced quartz timepiece is like comparing a swiss army knife with a butter knife. The Apple watch can do so many things including, answering your calls, giving you direct access to your texts, and keeping track of your heart health, workout routines and sleep patterns.

You can enhance your Apple watch with a band from Rubber B. Rubber B currently has both the 42 and 44mm bands. According to Apple, the new Series 7 is backward compatible to older series 3 bands. So, even though the Series 7 that has a 41 or 45 mm lug space, the 42 and 44 mm bands will still fit, according to the site.

The Series 4, 5, 6 and SE, have the 40 and 44 mm lug space. The Series 3 also comes with a 38 mm and a 42 mm lug space.

10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

Investing in High End Graduation Gifts for 2022

Giving a Rolex of any kind to your graduate would certainly be the ultimate gift, if you could afford it. A Rolex is the apex of accomplishment even for top athletes, movie stars, and anyone that could afford the best of the best. However the cost of purchasing a Rolex for your new graduate would probably put a massive dent into your bank account, especially after you have just paid for their education.

If you do go with a Rolex it is probably best to invest in a Steel Case Rolex since it will last a very long time and will have a much lower price tag than gold Rolex timepieces which will be costing $30,000 or more. A stainless steel Rolex Explorer II would go for around 14,000 today. A Rolex Submariner or GMT Master II would fetch several thousand more, up into the low 20k range. It may be possible to get a Rolex Datejust or Oyster for a bargain price under the cost of an Explorer II since they tend to be in higher supply.

10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

If you want to express your timeless love with your new Graduate but need something priced around $5,000 or less, consider picking up a Tudor, Panerai, Breitling, IWC or Omega timepiece. There are plenty of superior timepieces that can be had around this price point. Tudor, in fact is the sister brand of Rolex, and yet although it has all the same built in features of a typical Rolex, it doesn’t have the outrageous price tag. In these 5 brands, you can still find a variety of exceptional timepieces, from day date to chronograph to diver timepieces. These watches are timeless masterpieces which are just as impressive as any Rolex.

10 Best Ideas for College Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

If you are looking for your daughter or grand daughter, there is nothing like a gold or silver Cartier watch, which was worn by many famous women over the last 50 years. Certainly today, women are wearing branded “men’s” watches just as often as their male counterparts. The move away from the smallish timepieces to large oversized timepieces is a trend for both men and women. We have seen this with most brands adding size to the new versions of their time honored timepieces. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing a stunning “women’s” timepiece like this masterpiece from Cartier.

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