Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?

Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?

Panerai watches are noted for their unusual design, which is inspired by older models from the mid-twentieth century. While they may appear similar at first glance, minor variances distinguish different Panerai models. Furthermore, each Panerai watch has a unique serial number that might reveal vital information regarding its provenance. This article will show you how to identify your Panerai model and find its serial number.

Identifying Your Panerai Model:

Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?
  1. Dial Markings: Begin by inspecting the watch dial. Panerai presently makes three types of cases: Luminor, Radiomir, and Submersible. The name of the main model is often displayed on the dial. Look for these names to assist you in identifying your Panerai model. Keep in note that earlier Submersible versions may have “Luminor Submersible” written on the dial.
  2. Case and Crown: Focus on the case and winding crown if the model name is not visible on the dial. These physical qualities can assist with distinguishing between Panerai models:
    • Panerai Radiomir: There are no crown guards surrounding the winding crown on these watches. Radiomirs are distinguished by a conical winding crown and thin wire lugs.
    • Luminor watches have a large semi-circular crown guard bridge that protects the winding crown. Some crown guards may have “REG T.M.” etched on them. Luminor Due models are more slender.
    • Panerai Submersible: Submersible watches have rotating bezels marked to 60 minutes to indicate immersion times.
  3. Mare Nostrum: Although it is not now part of the collection, it is important to be aware of the Mare Nostrum model. The casings of these watches are spherical, with chronograph pushers framing the winding crown.

Locating Your Panerai Serial Number:

Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?
  1. Examine the Case Back: Examine the case back of your Panerai watch. There are multiple engraved numbers and text. Pay attention to the following:
    • Case Number: This usually begins with ‘OP’ and is followed by four numerals. It is used to identify the watch’s casing. It should be noted that multiple Panerai models may have the same case number.
    • Look for a serial number that begins with ‘BB’ (or ‘PB’ in some situations). Since 1997, these serial numbers have been increasing.
    • Millesimation Number: This number denotes where your watch is in the production run. It is prefixed by a letter representing the year of manufacture (for example, T095/500). To date your watch based on the letter, use the chart given.
  2. Matching Numbers: Panerai also engraves serial numbers on the watch’s boxes and accessories that come with it. Ensure that these numbers match the one on your watch for authenticity.
  3. Use Panerai’s Database: Panerai offers a convenient online database service ( where you can check or register your watch’s serial number. Enter the full 15-digit serial number (OPxxxxBBxxxxxxx) to access valuable information about your Panerai.

What is the difference between “Panerai Model numbers Vs Panerai serial numbers?

Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?

Panerai model numbers and Panerai serial numbers are two distinct sets of alphanumeric characters found on Panerai watches, and they serve different purposes:

  1. Panerai Model Numbers:
    • Purpose: Model numbers are used to identify the specific design or style of a Panerai watch.
    • Location: The model number is typically not engraved on the watch itself but is often displayed on the watch’s dial or case back, on the warranty card, and in official Panerai documentation.
    • Format: Model numbers usually consist of a combination of letters and numerals and may include prefixes like “PAM” (short for Panerai) followed by a series of digits. For example, “PAM00246” is a Panerai model number.
    • Significance: Model numbers help enthusiasts and collectors identify the specific Panerai model and its design characteristics, such as case shape, dial layout, and special features. They are essential for distinguishing between different Panerai models within the brand’s extensive catalog.
  2. Panerai Serial Numbers:
    • Purpose: Serial numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each individual Panerai watch during its production.
    • Location: The serial number is typically engraved on the watch’s case back, along with other markings. It may also appear on the warranty card, the watch’s box, and in official Panerai documentation.
    • Format: Panerai serial numbers often start with letters like “BB” or “PB,” followed by a series of numerals. They serve as a chronological and sequential record of when the watch was made. For example, “BB123456” is a Panerai serial number.
    • Significance: Serial numbers are crucial for tracking the provenance and authenticity of a Panerai watch. They provide information about the watch’s production year and its place in the production sequence. Panerai maintains a database that allows owners to register their watches using their serial numbers, helping to confirm the watch’s authenticity and provide additional information.
Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?

In summary, Panerai model numbers essentially indicate the design and style of a Panerai collection watch, but Panerai serial numbers individually identify each individual watch and provide information about its production history. Both sets of numbers are useful for watch collectors, and watch lovers, and for confirming the authenticity and origin of Panerai timepieces.

Unlike Rolex, Panerai doesn’t specifically label each and every timepiece with a number. However, each timepiece is assigned a number that begins with the letters PAM. One of the best ways to identify your Panerai is to look at the Panerai website and try and find out first if is it a Radiomir, Submersible, Luminor, or Luminor Due. Once you identify the one that fits that description, go to the collection and try and find the one that closely matches your timepiece. This may indicate the numerical value of your timepiece – for example, PAM00246.

Panerai has much more freedom to create different designs than Rolex. At least Rolex limits its changes to dial colors, gem assignment, and other subtle features, whereas Panerai makes different complications and may add a Rattrapante design one day and a moon phase or hand-wound timepiece the next.

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Discover Panerai Watches & How to Tell What Panerai Model?

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How to Tell What Panerai Model I Have?

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