Jon Hamm Always Classic With a Rolex GMT Master II

Jon Hamm wears a Rolex GMT MasterJon Hamm is very often seen wearing his Rolex GMT Master, a classic Rolex watch model on a Rolex oyster bracelet

Jon Hamm has become one of the top A list actors in Hollywood. He grew to prominence with the television series Mad Men which he portrayed the advertising executive Don Draper during the 1960’s working at the Madison Avenue advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

The Draper character is not unlike a James Bond of the advertising world. He is charismatic, incredibly successful both in business and with the leading ladies. Hamm won 2 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama and a Primetime Emmy as well.

Hamm has appeared in multiple movies including Bridesmaids (2011), Baby Driver (2017), Tag (2018), Richard Jewell (2018) and the recent Top Gun: Maverick (2022). He has appeared in a number of other TV series and is currently appearing in the Amazon Prime series Good Omens.

Jon Hamm Always Classic With a Rolex GMT Master II

Jon Hamm With His GMT Master II

The GMT Master II is a tremendous timepiece. It is a popular one with actors of all types because it does offer the ability to quickly adjust the time when traveling, and gives you the ability to track two time zones at the same time.

This is especially useful for a top flight actor like Jon Hamm as he travels between gigs from one set to another.

The GMT Master II that Hamm is wearing is an older version reference 116710. It has a green GMT hand and a black dial and black bezel. It has a stainless steel 40mm case and a matching stainless steel Oyster bracelet.

Powered by the caliber 3186, the reference 116710 has less power than the modern 3285 caliber has. Yet, the 3186 is one of the most outstanding calibers that Rolex had created and will likely last for generations more.

Today, you would have to choose a GMT Master II with a 2 tone bezel which indicates the day or night time rather than a solid black bezel option. Rolex doesn’t currently have a single color bezel option but they do have Chocolate and Black, Green and Black, Red and Blue, and Blue and Black.

Hamm today owns many timepieces including an Omega Seamaster 300M, a Rolex Daytona, a Jaeger LeCoultre, and at least two other GMT Master II models. During the course of Mad Men, he wore a Rolex Explorer and an Omega DeVille.

Jon Hamm Always Classic With a Rolex GMT Master II

Rubber B has launched multiple lineups of watch bands for the GMT Master II. Several Rubber B Bands are custom designed to fit the Rolex GMT Master case with a tight and motionless fit. Rubber B not only has multiple colors to mix and match to fit your preference, but the new Rubber B Swimskin brand has multiple textures to choose from.

Band for GMT-Master II
The New Rubber B Swimskin Bands for GMT-Master II

The Classic Series supports the original folding clasp provided by Rolex. It comes in several colors including Black, White, Orange, Red and Blue. But it also comes with multiple dual color options and special textures including the Swimskin Alligator which looks and feels like real leather but is actually 100% vulcanized rubber. It also has the Classic Ballistic series which has a woven fabric texture which feels like real Kevlar fabric, but it is waterproof and ready for all sports and aquatic activities. 

Rubber B also offers a Tang Buckle series, if you prefer to have the most popular buckle in the watchmaking world. It also has a Velcro enclosure option which is currently only available in black. Most recently Rubber B launched its NATO strap line that has a double layer strap which protects the skin from the heat of the timepiece even when in the sun. For more information go to our GMT Master II page and select the ultimate watchband.

All Rubber B bracelets are made in Switzerland of pure vulcanized rubber. No coating, blends or bonding are used in the manufacturing process.  For more information go to our page here.

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