The Watches on Entourage

The Watches on Entourage

As the leading producer of custom rubber watch straps, Rubber B consistently strives to innovate and improve on our existing product catalog, which features custom rubber watch straps for watches from leading watchmakers around the globe, such as Rolex, Tudor, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet. For this particular article, we are going to take a closer look at the watches that were worn on “Entourage.”

Originally running from the summer of 2004 through the fall of 2011, “Entourage” remained one of HBO’s most popular, and most popularly debated, programs that they were ever responsible for airing. The show would eventually lead to a feature film that was released in 2015.

The sitcom was known for a number of things, including the interplay between its male leads and its edgy humor, but its characters were also seen as style icons during the time the show ran.

With that in mind, we thought that now would be an excellent time to take a look back at both the show itself and some of the many watches that its primary characters wore on it during the run of the show.

Who Created Entourage?

“Entourage” was created by Doug Ellin, who served as the series showrunner, head writer, producer, and who had also directed several episodes of the series as well. Prior to creating “Entourage,” he had directed and written two independent films: the first, “Phat Beach,” was released in 1996 and co-starred actor and rapper Coolio.

The second, “Kissing a Fool,” was released in 1998 and co-starred David Schwimmer, who was by then well-known for his work on “Friends.” However, of all of his works, Ellin is by far best known for his work as the creator of Entourage.

The Watches on Entourage

What Was Entourage About?

Loosely inspired by the early days of an up and coming Mark Wahlberg, “Entourage” focuses on the exploits of Vincent “Vinnie” Chase, an actor from Queens, NY, who attempts to take his friends along with him for the ride as he furthers his career along throughout various adventures in Los Angeles and other places.

He was helped in these endeavors by his agent, Ari Gold, a fast-talking, hyperactive madman who never stopped until the deal was closed for his client. Today, the show is often looked back on as one of the foremost examples of “bro culture,” and while that aspect of the show is controversial in today’s culture, its sense of fashion has still aged very well.

The Watches on Entourage

What Kinds of Watches Were Featured On Entourage?   

Because the show was set in the glamourous world of show business and spent a great deal of time in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, expensive suits, shoes, and watches were de rigor for the main characters. But what kinds of timepieces were they actually wearing during this long-running sitcom?

Ari Gold

Ari Gold, as played by Jeremy Piven, was one of the pivotal characters on the show. Gold is based on Ari Emmanuel, a talent agent who is one of the owners of William Morris Endeavor (which now owns the UFC) and who represents such high profile actors as Vin Diesel and Larry David.

Considering a man of his stature in the industry, it makes complete sense that Gold would want to wear a watch that stands out, so his choice of timepiece was most often an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. In the final season of the show, he is prominently featured wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, one of several throughout that season. He is also seen wearing one in the film as well, though it is a different model.

The Watches on Entourage
Ari Gold with Audemar Piguet Watch on an episode of Entourage

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy, or “E,” as he is known amongst his friends, was played by Kevin Connolly, who came to the show by a rather interesting turn of events. Connolly was a child actor who, by his early 20’s, had more or less planned on retiring from acting before Ellin lured him back to acting with the part of Murphy.

On the show, Eric is Vincent Chase’s best friend and becomes his manager as his Hollywood career truly begins to take off. As he begins to make more money, we see him purchase several luxury timepieces, including a Rolex Cosmography Daytona 116520.

The Watches on Entourage

Like Ari, he is also seen sporting several AP Royal Oak watches as well throughout the later episodes of the series.

Johnny Chase

Affectionately known as “Drama” amongst his friends, Johnny Chase was played by Kevin Dillon, the older brother of Matt Dillon. He is the older brother of Vincent Chase and, within the chronology of the show, was the first of the Chase brothers to begin acting professionally.

As Vincent’s career begins to take off, he is seen wearing an AP Royal Oak Offshore Diver, which is a bulkier model of the Royal Oak watches that the other cast members have been wearing.

The Watches on Entourage

Salvatore Assante

The final member of the “Entourage” team and based on Wahlberg’s assistant at the time, Salvatore was almost always referred to by his friends as “Turtle” and was the breakout role of actor Jerry Ferrara. He is seen wearing an AP Royal Oak Rose Gold timepiece, which very much fits his style, as fashion was somewhat important to his character throughout the run of the show.

The Watches on Entourage

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