A Rolex Watch Band to Protect Your Tired Submariner Bracelet

submariner bracelet wornDoes this Rolex watch band look familiar? A Submariner bracelet must keep up with years of activity, which ultimately wears it down. When getting to this “stretched” stage, it can cause uncertain risk of dropping or loosing the Rolex watch. Many can attest to this fact, as their precious watches went on a fishing trip, and never came home.

Most causes of this extensive wear are due to build up of grit, dirt, perspiration and skin chemicals, which act like a grinding paste overtime with flexing movements. Basically, the Rolex watch band links are being ground to death as you wear the watch. Hence, it becomes looser and more rackety, further aggravating the friction.

older 5513 bracelet


Another danger to be aware of is old spring bars or pins. Less evident unless you’re inspecting, these pins are what holds everything together, and they are susceptible to bending, or even breaking suddenly if enough force is presented to a weak spot.

The entire weight of the Rolex watch and Bracelet is counting on the reliability and strength of each of these pins. A Rolex spring bar or pins is actually very inexpensive to replace if needed.

old rolex pins

Tips to protect your Rolex Oyster Bracelet :

* Service your Rolex on a regular basis, such as every 3-4 years

* Rinse in tap water daily. Wash your bracelet when you shower, in order to remove grit, oils, and substances which can cause friction.

* Be aware that metal polishes will dry with a powdery grit residual, so do not use this method. Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended instead.

* Do not wear your Rolex watch too loosely. Not only does it cause more wear and stretching, but it is also a precision machine, which should be worn as such rather than as a jewelry accessory.

Your Rolex watch band is built to last, as long as you take care of it. The most reliable and luxurious replacement watchband for Rolex is a Rubber B strap. Made in Switzerland from high tech vulcanized rubber, Rubber B straps are the ultimate in fit and comfort, and 100% reliable for Rolex watch cases and clasps, as they incorporate “Blocked Integration” solid inserts which house and protect precious Rolex springbars and pins.

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Happy fishing, diving, sailing, parachuting, or whatever your hearts desire…