A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy by Rubber B
3 Omega Snoopy Watches

In early April 2024, Omega and Swatch announced that they were collaborating on a new watch featuring Snoopy for their “Mission to…” line of timepieces. While this is the first time that the beloved beagle has been featured on a Swatch piece, Snoopy has a long-standing relationship with Omega and has appeared on several of their watches over the years. But why would a cartoon dog be a part of a Swiss watchmaking company’s branding?

The reason for this is quite interesting and involves several decades of history. Below, we will explore the story of how Snoopy appeared on an Omega watch in the first place, as well as learn more about the watches themselves.

Disastrous Beginnings

Unusually enough, the reason Snoopy has been an Omega stalwart for many years ties back to the Apollo 13 mission, of all places. As those who saw the popular film (or who saw the incident live) will likely remember, in April 1970, an oxygen tank malfunctioned and exploded on the spacecraft carrying the astronauts.

With their lives in severe jeopardy, the astronauts had to time their movements with incredible accuracy to ensure that they could return to Earth safely without burning up in the atmosphere. They accomplished this, in large part, by using their Omega watches, which are known for their immense precision.

A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

A Way to Say “Thank You” From NASA

A few years before the Apollo 13 mission, NASA had decided that they wanted to create an award to thank all of the people who made their work possible. One employee suggested naming it the Silver Snoopy Award, as the character was quite popular at the time (and still is to this day.) Charles M. Schultz, a proud supporter of NASA, was happy to let NASA use Snoopy for free, and they have been giving out the award ever since. It is one of the highest honors that a civilian can receive from the organization.

Omega Reciprocating Their Award and Thanks From NASA

Omega would go on to be one of the earliest recipients of the award in 1970. As the years passed, the Apollo 13 mission would soon celebrate several milestones, such as its 30th, 40th, and even 50th anniversary. As such, Omega saw fit to release three Omega Snoopy watches at various intervals.

A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

Omega Snoopy #1 – “Eyes on the Stars” – 2003

The first Omega Snoopy would be released in 2003, and was a limited production watch, with only 5,441 pieces made available. The watch proved to be immensely popular with collectors, and still is today. While it originally retailed for around $3,200, today the watch can be purchased for around $24,000.

A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

Omega Snoopy #2 – “Failure is Not an Option” – 2015

In 2015, the second Omega Snoopy watch became available, otherwise known as the “Failure is Not an Option” model. It was released to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission and Omega winning their Silver Snoopy Award. This watch is the most coveted of the three available, as it originally retailed for $7,350 and now resells for around $45,000. It was also limited to a collection of 1,970 pieces produced, making it a challenge to find.

A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

Omega Snoopy # 3 – Silver Speedmaster – 2020

The most recent of the Omega Snoopy watches, this piece was produced in 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission. It is currently still in production by Omega and retails at $10,600, while it is available for resale at around $19,000.

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A Guide for Collectors on Omega Snoopy

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