Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster

Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster

Rolex Yachtmaster on Oysterflex Bracelet – SwimSkin Alligator or SwimSkin Ballistic?

Straps are a fairly popular way of securing watches to wrists, in fact, it is the earliest. Real quality watch straps have only appeared in the past few years with high-quality materials becoming very prevalent. This article will aim to compare different straps Alligator vs Ballistic on SwimSkin (Vulcanize Rubber), with their advantages and disadvantages.

The materials presented below are: 
SwimSkin Alligator: A rubber strap that looks and feels absolutely identical to moisture-sensitive materials such as Alligator hide.
SwimSkin® Ballistic: A rubber strap that looks and feels Kevlar fabric materials.

Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster

There is no doubt that Alligator watch straps have a special place in the hearts of many watch owners. In fact, it is probably one of the first watch bands that a watch owner may have had.

If we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of owning alligator leather watch straps in contrast to rubber alligator straps.
People consider alligator skin is much more valuable than meat due to its timeless durability. That’s why people always love using products made from alligator leather for some great implications. If alligator leather watch straps are combined with high-class cowhide lining it also reduces the cost; however, you ought to definitely find a prestigious workshop to buy quality alligator leather watch straps with a reasonable warranty.

In addition, due to the government regulations on wildlife protection, it is almost impossible to have real leather from an alligator living in wild nature. Nevertheless, you can use leather from an alligator raised by humans under strict rules. Even so, it is inevitable that man-made leather products mingle in the market, making customers confused to discern with real leather ones.
Strap for Rolex Yachtmaster on Oysterflex Bracelet – SwimSkin® Alligator

Furthermore, here’s the contrast to rubber SwimSkin straps, that are made entirely of vulcanized rubber, 100% waterproof for all types of sports, and limitless aquatic activities. Imagine enjoying a classic watch with its alligator rubber strap while swimming at the beach.

Not only those advantages but the brand new and REVOLUTIONARY vulcanized rubber material has been privately developed over the past five years in Switzerland by Rubber B, in order to bring together two very diverse approaches classic styling and rugged endurance.

As an industry leader in luxury strap innovation, Rubber B was not interested settling for sub-par results, and as such, privately continued a variety of daunting trials in rubber chemistry and methods, with the sole purpose of introducing the very first rubber straps that truly appear as entirely authentic organic materials in every aspect, and how to then implement their production on a grand scale without losing the minute qualities that differentiated them from all others: luster, the richness of texture, and in the case of Alligator hide – reproducing divine details of an organic creature. 

Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster

Once these esthetics were finally achieved early last year, new machinery and entirely new processes had to be contemplated, engineered, and built by the Rubber B factory, specifically for and dedicated to the manufacture of Rubber B SwimSkinproducts. 

Integrated versions are designed and calibrated specifically for one watch model and contain Titanium Inserts housing the spring-bars and pins for strength and endurance.

The result we see today reflects the dedication paid to each exquisite detail… This brand new Rubber B Series for Rolex Oysterflex models is available in six sizes and various finishes, providing a custom and most comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster
Rolex Yachtmaster – SwimSkin® Ballistic

In addition, the above featured SwimSkin Ballistic is another all-rubber strap, resembling rugged, yet moisture sensitive materials such as Kevlar®. This particular finish is launching in seven complementary colors a larger variety than the Aligator strap series. Also, it is more for a casual to semi-casual occasion and is an entirely waterproof rubber. SwimSkin Ballistic model which resembles Alligator hide or sailcloth. It’s also 100% rubber and therefore fully waterproof and has unmatched strength and resiliency.  No coatings, blends, or bonding is utilized in the Rubber B vulcanized rubber manufacturing.

In contrast to SwimSkin Alligator, our patented technology, created over a five-year developmental period, requiring all-new innovative machinery and engineering techniques. SwimSkin Series by Rubber B has been engineered specifically for Rolex Daytona and Rolex Yachtmaster models which come originally on an Oysterflex Bracelet. This series is designed to mount the Rolex Oysterflex deployant clasp.  Both the Alligator and Ballistic options are priced at $280.

Comparing SwimSkin Alligator vs Ballistic straps for Rolex Yachtmaster

Rubber B straps are made from the absolute softest and most flexible vulcanized rubber imaginable. Pure, natural, and chemical-free. Rubber B straps are Hypo-Allergenic and do not attract dust or lint. Currently offered in a variety of colors and textures across various series.
Rubber B will continue to offer more than just one model for SwimSkin® adding lots of other watch models that can use SwimSkin straps over the coming months and years.
Rolex Yachtmaster – SwimSkin® Ballistic

The currently available additional options are:

AP Royal Oak Offshore 42mm – SwimSkin Alligator and Sailcloth
– AP Royal Oak Offshore 44mm – SwimSkin Alligator and Sailcloth
Rolex Daytona on Oysterflex Bracelet – SwimSkin Alligator and Ballistic
Rolex Yachtmaster on Oysterflex Bracelet – Alligator and Ballistic
and coming soon Patek Nautilus on Strap and many various Rolex Sport Models (integrated / curved-end SwimSkin straps). 

Always the very first of their kind, Rubber B consistently represents the ultimate in quality Swiss innovation. We appreciate your continued interest and welcome you to experience the finest and most exciting luxury watch strap offerings, earnestly manufactured 100% in Switzerland, by leaders in the luxury watch industry. 

In conclusion, if you had to pick one strap, which one would you choose? SwimSkin Alligator or SwimSkin Ballistic?

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