The Best Watch Straps for the Summer

Best Watch Straps for the Summer
The Best Watch Straps for the Summer

If you want to find the best watch straps for the Summer, you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to go through some of the best straps that you could be wearing this summer.

Here are Some of the Best Watch Straps for the Summer

Start with a pure Vulcanized Rubber Strap and Band.

You probably already know that leather is not a particularly good material for a summer band. Although leather does have some ability to resist water, most leather bands are made poorly and will start to deteriorate when you introduce it to the beach, pool or ocean. Often they are filled with filler and paddings and made with weak threads. Even one visit to the pool can destroy a common leather band. Add to this, the fact that leather bands can start to smell from body sweat because the fabric is naturally more porous. Therefore the leather bands should generally be left at home, and used for indoor activities only.

The best strap and band made today is the Vulcanized Rubber Strap. It has the comfort of leather, but is strong, flexible and has the ability to be modified with tremendous ease. For example, the bands from Rubber B have many modifications added. Some are made to have an engineered flush tight fit to specific model timepieces like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Tudor and Panerai. Rubber B has introduced velcro clasps on some models.

Other models support the original deployant buckle or a standard tang buckle. Rubber B utilizes titanium inserts in some of its models to add further strength without giving up the ability to have a comfortable fit or colorful band.

Let the timepiece inspire your rubber strap and band

One of the first things to look at when deciding what band would be best for you this Summer, is to look at the watch itself. Sometimes the watch itself tells you what color combination the band should have. I will go through a few standard combinations that are obvious ones.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
Audemars Piguet with a Blue Band

Match the rubber strap and band with the color of the timepiece

This nautical timepiece has a blue dial. Although it has touches of white throughout the dial and even a splash of red on the inner dial, the overwhelming blue pattered and textured dial is the thing that stands out the most about this timepiece. So, rather than challenge the status quo, I would opt to go with the navy blue band for an absolutely stunning look for the summer.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
Rolex Yacht-Master II with Blue Band and Red Stripe

Blue strap and bands are perfect for summer

Keeping with the nautical theme, Rolex can’t be far behind. This Rolex Yacht-Master II has a deep blue on the bezel and an entirely white dial, with touches of red throughout. So, for this one it was really a toss-up. As for the band itself, I was torn between the Blue band with white stripe or Blue band with red stripe. In the end, I felt the red was more fun for the Summertime and pulls in some of the markings and red colorings from the hands of the timepiece itself.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
Is the Rolex Milgauss the best watch for Summer?

Orange straps and bands are made for fun in the sun

Just look at this timepiece from Rolex – the Milgauss with orange band from Rubber B. This is a match made in horological heaven. The lightning rod seconds hand lends its orange coloring to the imaginative design team at Rubber B, who thought this eye-catching colorful band would turn some heads. And they were right. This is possibly the best watch for summertime.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
Black Panerai watches match well with colorful bands

White, red and yellow bands are fun bands for Summer.

Before we crown the king of Summertime watches, Panerai may have to throw its hat into the ring. If you look at the black dials and, sometimes, black cases from Panerai, you can see that these timepieces were made to have fun with. So, ditch the original bands (keep them in storage for safe keeping), and add the colors of summer to these masterpieces. You really can’t go wrong with any color. Rubber B offers Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black, plus several 2-tone combinations. If I had to crown a winner here, I would say go for the Yellow Band with the Black Dial Panerai timepiece. That will almost ensure you will have a fun time this Summer.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
Rolex GMT Master II with White Rubber B Band

Besides the black dial, there are 3 more colors that this GMT Master has in its small palette – Red, Blue and White. Of the most spectacular combinations, I chose a white band for this summer creation. It is certainly more fun and eye catching, and yet pulls in the white luminescent hour markers from the timepiece itself.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
iUnique’s Vegan Stingray Band

Customize your strap and band for a unique Summer experience with IUnique.

I love selection and options. Who doesn’t. This is where the iUnique experience begins. The iUnique bands are completely customizable. Since all of the VEGAN bands are 100% rubber, they are also helping the industry protect animals.

Pictured above is the first bracelet in 100% VEGAN stingray, because our process reproduces the leather of the skin to perfection, but without the disadvantages of animal exploitation.

Shagreen is a cartilaginous fish leather (of skate or shark) used for a long time in cabinet making, upholstery, and more recently in leather goods. Halfway between leather and mineral, shagreen is covered with silica beads and therefore difficult to tan.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
iUnique Red Band

iUnique offers some of the best watch straps for the summer with options to make a unique band just for you. I love the idea of red bands during the Summer. Although one might think about orange or yellow as being a primary Summertime color, I think red makes a perfect match for your Summertime timepiece. Especially if it has a black case like the one pictured above.

When you first go to the iUnique site you get to start selecting and customizing your band. You can select from 12 different textures and 18 different colors. You can add custom text to your band such as your home country, favorite band, favorite team, or just add your own name to it. This creates a one of a kind band that expresses who you are and what you stand for.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer
The best waterproof rubber dive strap and bands for the Summer

Choose the best Waterproof Dive Strap and Bands for the Summer

Certainly one of the most popular watches for summer will be a dive watch. No matter whether you do decide to take a dive tank or just do some surface snorkeling, a dive watch is the perfect companion to accompany you.

The best waterproof dive strap and bands for the Summer depends on the kind of dive watch you own. Certainly it is fine to go out and get one of the best watches such as a Rolex Submariner, a Tudor Dive Watch or a Panerai Luminor Submersible. But even if you don’t have a boatload of cash lying around this Summer, or perhaps you aren’t even a diver, you can decorate up a very reasonably priced Seiko SKX007J, an Orient Kamasu Diver, a Marathon GSAR Diver, an Ocean Crawler Diver, or even a Squale Dive Watch with a rubber strap and band from Rubber B.

Even though these timepieces come with very ho-hum straps that aren’t the high quality that you would expect from a traditional Swiss masterpiece, you can get a quality diver and a rubber strap and band from Rubber B that will undoubtedly wow anyone that sees it. And yet, these straps are strong, comfortable, breathable and exceptionally waterproof. They can hold up to all the sporting activities you have in store this summer. Just go over to our watch band for any section and you can begin your search for the best custom strap and band that you could imagine.

Avoid steel bands

Although steel has the strength that will be ideal for dive bands, it also is shiny and can attract certain types of fish. This may be dangerous and should be avoided when diving. Also, steel is far less comfortable to wear and is less flexible. It may not only cut into the skin or wetsuit, but it can also get excessively hot and even burn your skin since it conducts the heat of the sun.

Steel has one feature that is needed for a summer strap and band – strength. However, the strength of vulcanized rubber is something that compares favorably to steel. It does not melt when in the sun. The rubber is hypoallergenic and far more flexible than steel. It is also easier to adjust. Steel bands typically require a set of professional tools to add or remove a link in order to make it bigger or smaller. Certainly, Rolex has come out with the 5mm adjustment capability on some of their watch bands. However, it isn’t as easy or comfortable to adjust than a tang buckle on a rubber band.

The other thing that steel does not work well with is color. Generally there are two types of steel bands – gold and silver. That isn’t particularly a wide selection. If you are looking for a fun band, steel isn’t going to be your best option. It is true, that some processes can allow manufacturers to add different colors to steel bands. However, it isn’t common and more likely than not, you will find it hard to match your steel band color to colors used by your timepiece or to satisfy your creative whim. This means if you have a blue or green dial on your timepiece, you need to look at a rubber band to find a strap and band that matches it.

Use strong thread on your strap and band

Standard thread is not strong enough to withstand the rigors that ocean lovers will expose it to. Normal thread will break, or bleach the color. For this reason Rubber B recommends using hand sewn GORE-TENARA® Marine Thread. This thread gives owners the maximum resistance to UV-rays, atmospheric conditions, & chemicals. It is strong, retains its appearance even when exposed to salt water or chlorine. This is the same kind of thread that fishermen might use to catch a big tuna. It is flexible, comfortable and extremely durable. This thread needs to be hand sewn into the rubber band in order to achieve a perfect and custom look.

Nato straps made out of rubber

A nato strap and band is probably one of the best bracelets you could purchase this Summer. This band is unique because although it does connect to the lugs of the timepiece, it is actually connected to both lugs at once. This means that even if one set of lugs breaks, there is another set of lugs that will hold your timepiece to your wrist. This is important since one of the worst feelings you could ever have is knowing your fine timepiece fell off your wrist because of a faulty band and is now sitting at the bottom of the ocean somewhere.

Additionally, a nato band is comfortable and will protect your wrist from a metal timepiece that can get heated up from the sun. Skin against hot metal can cause skin irritation, a burn or worse. Since the nato band wraps under the back side of the timepiece it protects the skin.

The look of a nato watch is also something that many people have come to love in the past few years. Although Rolex spokesman, Paul Newman, wore a nato band on his Rolex Dayona in the 1960’s for many years before he gifted his timepiece, nato has really taken off tremendously in the past few years.

Unfortunately, standard nato bands are made with canvas. Although canvas or Kevlar is stronger than leather, it is not made to be used in the water. It too, can attract water, and retain odors from sweat. For theis reason, we recommend a vulcanized rubber nato band.

The Best Watch Straps for the Summer

Swimskin bands

Summer bands may have lots of different textures and designs. Fun is the main reason to have a custom strap and band. The swimskin bands have a texture not unlike that of a snake skin. Yet, the strength and water resistance of the Rubber B swimskin band makes it an ideal counterpart with your swim trunks or bikini.

Swimskin bands are sleek and colorful. They complement your outfits and provide the ability to do anything that comes up. If you want to take part in almost any sporting activity, or just spend time in and out of the water, pure vulcanized rubber band can keep pace with you. Since it is easy to clean, it won’t smell.

Leather bands with rubber backside

Although leather is not our first choice for the summer materials, there are several options to keep the same look as leather. The first option is to go with our Rubber B designed leather which is 100% vulcanized rubber. This is our newest addition to our lineup and is highly recommended. Our designs look and feel like real leather but don’t have any impact on the environment.

The other option is to go with our structure series which combines leather with rubber – creating a more durable material for your summer activities. There is no doubt that leather has a unique look to it. With a rubber b vulcanized rubber base on the strap as a base, this adds additional durability to a band that has the genuine leather you may be looking for.

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