Why Choose a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap

Why Choose a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap

Before you decide whether you should choose a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap, you should know that Alligator Skin is a highly prized material for making leather products. It has a look and feel that most people admire and it often compliments the timepiece itself.

We worked with our factory for over four years in private, developing new complicated machinery and techniques in order to finally produce rubber finishes that looked identical to alligator and other permeable materials. These watch straps have the look and texture like real leather yet does not need to harm an animal in order to make it. Florida alligators at one point had been farmed to the near brink of extinction. Rubber B knew there had to be a better way.

The goal was to make something that had the look of real leather, and the supple feel of real leather. However, it needed to be made of pure 100% Vulcanized Rubber which is more durable, hypo-allergenic and can withstand the effects of seawater, chlorinated water, sun, sand, and sweat. It needed to be made for an active lifestyle but have the style that Haute-Horology can appreciate.

Rubber B achieved this with the revolutionary new material called SwimSkin®. It looks and feels natural like real leather, but is actually pure rubber. Rubber has long been used as a sleek type of material. It never had ridges or lines on it. So, Rubber B had to develop a process to make it have textures that actually looked like Alligator or Calf leather. Once they perfected the design, they started making other textures such as NATO-style canvas bands and many more textures.

Photo of Genuine Alligator Leather Replacement Watch Strap in Black on Jet Black Rubber Base
Genuine Alligator Leather Replacement Watch Strap in Black on Jet Black Rubber Base

Benefits of a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap

There are many benefits of using a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap. Certainly, it is far more sustainable and available. Since sourcing animal hides is expensive, and hit or miss, this could cause prices and availability to fluctuate. Vulcanized rubber can be manufactured without issue.

Adding color to future bands is easy and can be done with pinpoint accuracy. This is not so with real leather. So, with the Rubber B Alligator Skin watch straps, it has the same feel and looks, but you can change the color to any of the many dyes that are around without worry that it will blow an entire batch of the hide. This makes for extreme accuracy and perfection on every strap produced.

Rubber B bands are stronger and are NOT sensitive to moisture like Alligator hide or Kevlar® fabric. This means you can swim with these bands without worry that it will damage the band. If you work out or play hard with a Rubber B band, you can easily wash it off at home and the band will look and smell like new.

Why Choose a Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Strap
This “Kevlar” style NATO band is pure vulcanized rubber

More importantly, Rubber B bands hold their shape. This is much different from Alligator hide or Kevlar® fabric which can rip, warp, or worse. Rubber B bands are the perfect addition to adding a variety of clasps including the original deployant buckles of many of the manufacturers. Rubber B is known for its ability to make Rubberized bands that rival steel and precious metal bands from the manufacturers. These bands often come with the option to attach the deployant buckle to the band itself. This is nearly impossible and certainly dangerous to do with Alligator hide or Kevlar® fabric.

The strength of Rubber B vulcanized rubber allows you to put your trust that your timepiece will hold up to deep-sea diving or other sporting activities with the same strength that a steel band would naturally have. However, you could still have the same look, comfortable feel, and the power of a Rubber B watchband hard at work or hard at play and it still retains the original beauty consistently and reliably.

The last thing that Rubber B Alligator Skin Watch Straps bring is that you can completely change the look of your timepiece by changing your band. If you want to alter the color or go with a NATO-style look, you can interchange your Rubber B bands easily. Although some bands are made with the Blocked Integration for a specific watch type (example a Rolex Daytona), Rubber B has plenty of universal bands that can work across any watch type. Just pick your color, style, lug width and you are on your way to having a Swiss Made luxury bracelet that you could wear with pride.

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