Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01

Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01
Breitling Vs Omega

One of our favorite recurring segments on our blog posts is the “Vs.” series, in which two separate watches are evaluated side-by-side to determine which is the superior timepiece. Often, there are two primary categories by which these determinations are made.

The first way the watches are compared is in terms of their technical specifics, meaning their case size, movement, water resistance, and so forth. This allows readers to compare the specs of these watches in an immediate way to determine which is the better fit for their personal style.

Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01
Breitling Vs Omega

The other way we evaluate watches is by looking at the aesthetic factors of the watch. This is a much more subjective metric, although primarily, the concern is if the watch is pleasant to look at and if the colors have been chosen thoughtfully. The reason this is being mentioned is because although this is a “Vs.” piece, the format will be different for this particular blog entry.

Instead of evaluating two individual timepieces on their own merits, this piece will use two watches as stand-ins for their respective brands. In this instance, the companies that will be examined in this blog post are Omega and Breitling. Omega will be represented by the Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph, and Breitling will be represented by the Breitling B01.

The hope is that, by offering this change of format, readers can have a more holistic overview of both brands and feel more informed about who they are and the kinds of watches that they produce. 

Are Breitling and Omega Considered Luxury Brands In Terms of Watches?

The short answer to this question is, undoubtedly, yes. Both of these watches retail for several thousand dollars apiece. The Breitling retails at $9,100 from the manufacturer, while Omega sells its watch for $9,200 in most instances. These prices would certainly indicate that these are both luxury brands that produce high-quality timepieces.

Which Brand of Watch Has a Better Resale Value On The Secondary Market?

Most of the time, evaluating a watch, in many ways, comes down to a matter of subjective taste. However, there are certain metrics that can be measured indisputably, and resale value happens to be one of them.

In this particular category, there is a very clear winner here, and that happens to be Omega. This is largely due to the fact that Omega has a stronger visibility, due in no small part to its association with prominent institutions and figures, such as NASA and James Bond. As one might imagine, these endorsements would be very hard for another brand to overcome without an even more prominent public figure endorsing the competing brand.

Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01
Breitling Vs Omega

Are Breitling and Omega On The Same Footing as Rolex in Terms of Quality?

Again, there is a lot of subjectivity here, so we are going to focus on the facts as much as possible where the chronographs of these three companies are concerned.

Omega’s chronographs are certified by two major professional organizations – METAS and COSC. In order to receive these certifications, a watch must be rigorously tested by both of these groups for accuracy and durability. Once they pass these tests, they receive the designation of Master Chronometer. Of these three brands, Omega is the only one that offers a Master Chronometer.

Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01

Breitling does have COSC-certified watches, but not METAS-certified ones. They also conduct in-house testing as well. Rolex does offer dual testing for their watches, but they only test with COSC, not METAS. The second round of testing is conducted internally, not by a third party.

In short, Omega’s watches are the most rigorously tested here, and have an additional neutral party involved for the final round of testing.

Which Watch is Better – Breitling vs Omega?

Ultimately, this question is for the consumer to answer based on their personal needs and tastes. What we can say as a matter of fact is that Rolex is more expensive than the other two brands, which are similarly priced.

In terms of accuracy and brand recognition, Omega likely has the upper hand, but in terms of durability, Breitling watches are probably able to withstand more real-world conditions.

Does Rubber B Offer Watch Straps For Omega and Breitling Watches?

Rubber B does offer a variety of watch straps for both Breitling and Omega watches, and links to complete product catalogs for both of these watch brands can be found on our e-boutique

Breitling Vs Omega – Omega Speedmaster vs. Breitling Premiere B01

What Separates Rubber B From Other Watch Straps?

As the leading producer of custom rubber watch straps, Rubber B consistently strives to innovate and improve on their existing product catalog, which features custom rubber watch straps for watches from leading watchmakers around the globe, such as Rolex, Tudor, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet.

In recent years, Rubber B has continually revitalized the alternative watchband market by creating additional, first-ever calibrations for watches without integrated rubber straps. These include such pieces as the Panerai Luminor 44mm, the Patek Philippe Nautilus, the Audemars Piguet 41mm, and the AP Offshore models 42mm and 44mm. Additionally, Rubber B introduced the first-ever rubber watch straps for the Tudor Black Bay 41mm, the Tudor Fifty-Eight, and the Tudor Black Bay Pro. Each watch strap has been engineered to perfectly and flawlessly mount its corresponding model without any gap at the case or rotation on the spring bar.

No fillers or additives are used in Rubber B’s watch straps, and each strap is non-toxic and non-allergenic, as well as being FDA and BVGG compliant. Rubber B also offers both domestic and international shipping to its clients based on their current location.

Do You Need a Custom Rubber Watch Band For Your Luxury Watch? Visit Rubber B Today

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