Miley Cyrus Watch Collection

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

Long-term success in the music industry often requires the ability to reinvent oneself time and time again, and only some have managed to do so with such successful results as Miley Cyrus. Despite being only 30 years old, she is a true veteran of the entertainment world, having been active for over 20 years and amassing an impressive resume of credits and awards during this time.

More importantly, Cyrus has managed to leave behind the highly manufactured image of her youth and craft music that truly reveals her worldview, sometimes baring her soul in the process. She effortlessly moves between pop, rock, country, folk, rap, and even ballads with a kind of vocal versatility that has led her to be dubbed “The Pop Chameleon” and “The Millennial Dolly Parton.”

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

Cyrus has been working in the industry since she was 9, and has amassed an impressive net worth of approximately $160 million during that time. As such, she has managed to amass an impressive collection of luxury wristwatches. Below, we will further examine the life, career, and watch collection of this highly talented singer, songwriter, and actress.

Who Is Miley Cyrus?

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, to Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus. She was given the nickname “Miley” as an infant from “Smiley,” which her parents dubbed her because of her propensity to smile so frequently. Her father is a country singer who found success in the early 1990’s with the single “Achy Breaky Heart.” Her godmother, and close family friend, is legendary country singer and songwriter Dolly Parton, whom she often performs with.

She expressed an early interest in the arts and, by the age of eight, had decided that she wanted to pursue a career as an actress and singer. She took singing and acting lessons after this and began to focus on her professional goals.

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

Miley Cyrus’s Early Career

Cyrus’s first role was a small reoccurring part on the television show Doc in 2001, which her father was starring in at the time. She would make her film debut two years later, in 2003, with another small role in Tim Burton’s Big Fish.

Cyrus would continue to work in small parts for the next three years until being cast in the role that would forever change her life, that being the part of Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus – Disney Channel

Hannah Montana and Mainstream Success

In 2006, Cyrus began starring on the Disney Channel television program Hannah Montana along with her father, Billy Ray. The show would prove to be wildly successful among its audience, and Cyrus began amassing a large pre-teen fanbase across the world. This would lead to her releasing her first record, Meet Miley Cyrus, in 2007.

The show would end in 2011, and Cyrus would then go on to have one of the most prolific careers of any major pop artist. Her eighth and most recent album, Endless Summer Vacation, was released in 2023 and saw Cyrus score her second number-one single with “Flowers.”

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus – Album Cover

Future Projects

Since Cyrus released an album just this year, it is unlikely she will be putting out any new music immediately. However, she continues to tour worldwide as a highly sought-after live act.

What Watches Are in Miley Cyrus’s Watch Collection?

Cyrus owns an impressive number of luxury wristwatches, including:

Miley Cyrus – Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

The Rolex Daytona Rainbow is a highly coveted and visually stunning timepiece in the luxury watch world. Renowned for its exquisite design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Daytona Rainbow features a bezel adorned with a vibrant spectrum of colored gemstones, creating a dazzling and distinctive aesthetic. This timepiece has become a symbol of opulence and sophistication, appealing to watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. On a different note, Miley Cyrus, a multifaceted entertainer, has undergone a remarkable transformation from her early days as a Disney Channel star to a bold and boundary-pushing artist. Known for her powerful vocals, charismatic stage presence, and fearless approach to self-expression, Cyrus has become a pop culture icon, challenging conventions and embracing a diverse range of musical styles throughout her career. Both the Rolex Daytona Rainbow and Miley Cyrus exemplify excellence and innovation in their respective realms, showcasing the allure of precision in craftsmanship and the evolution of artistic identity.

Miley Cyrus – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona    

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

American singer Miley Cyrus graces the spotlight with an unmistakable sense of style, often complemented by her choice of accessories. In a recent appearance, Cyrus was spotted donning the iconic Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 40mm in 18k yellow gold, featuring a Champagne dial and a sophisticated Oyster bracelet. This timepiece, with its luxurious blend of precious metal and impeccable design, adds a touch of elegance to Cyrus’s ensemble. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, known for its association with high-performance racing, becomes a statement piece on the singer’s wrist, symbolizing precision and sophistication. With a price tag of around 40,000.00 USD and bearing the watch reference 116508-0003, this Rolex exemplifies the fusion of horological excellence and celebrity style in a single, striking timepiece.

Miley Cyrus – Rolex Daytona Everose Gold   

Miley Cyrus Watch Collection
Image credit to @MileyCyrus

Rolex, celebrated for its high-quality and coveted timepieces, continues to impress with the Daytona Rosegold’s elegant design and exceptional performance. The watch features a 40mm rose gold case, a matching bracelet, and a Sundust-colored dial with black sub-dials. Accentuating the dial are applied polished rimmed index hour markers with luminous fill and a fine printed minute/seconds & fractions of a second track. The polished Everose gold hands, including luminous-filled hour and minute hands, add a luxurious touch. The chronograph function is highlighted by a large central second counterhand accurate up to 1/8th of a second, a 30-minute counter sub-dial at 3 o’clock, and a 12-hour counter sub-dial at 9 o’clock. Powering this exceptional timepiece is the Rolex in-house calibre 4130, beating at 28,800 vph, containing 44 jewels, and boasting an approximate power reserve of 72 hours when running time only or 66 hours with the chronograph function engaged. Additionally, the watch features Rolex’s Paramagnetic blue and Parachrom hairspring, further emphasizing its precision and craftsmanship. This Daytona Rosegold stands as a testament to both Miley Cyrus’s refined taste and Rolex’s commitment to horological excellence.

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