Marc Anthony Watch Collection

Marc Anthony Watch Collection

Among Latin American artists, there are few who can claim to have had the impact, or sold as many records, as Marc Anthony. The distinguished singer, songwriter, and actor, whose career has been active since the late 1980’s, has endured as one of the most popular and beloved voices in the genre of salsa music.

While many are familiar with his silky vocals and highly danceable songs, they may not know that Anthony is something of a watch collector, as well as a successful businessman who has now partnered with a prominent luxury watch brand. Below, we will learn more about his early life, his musical career, and his horological endeavors.

Marc Anthony Watch Collection

Who Is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony was born Marco Antonio Muniz on September 16th, 1968, in New York City, New York. His father, Felipe, was a cafeteria worker at a hospital and musician, and his mother, Guillermina, was a homemaker.

In a possible bit of prognostication, Marco was named after the famous Mexican musician Marco Antonio Muniz. When Anthony decided on a music career, he realized that he would have to change his name to avoid any confusion with his more established namesake.

Marc Anthony Watch Collection

Marc Anthony’s Early Music Career

Anthony would put out his first single, “Rebel,” in 1988 after spending several years working as a session vocalist and songwriter. Unlike a lot of his contemporaries, Anthony was equally influenced by hip-hop jazz and blues music, which added a different sonic timbre to his music.

In 1991, Anthony would release his first solo album, When the Night is Over. The record was a collaboration with DJ and producer Little Louie Vega, and while it was moderately successful, would not launch Anthony into the mainstream.

Otra Nota and Mainstream Success

Anthony was initially reluctant to sing salsa, but changed his mind upon hearing Juan Gabriel’s “Hasta Que Te Conocí” in a cab. After previously telling the head of his label that he was not interested in making a salsa record, Anthony changed his mind, and would release his sophomore effort, Otra Nota, or Another Note, in 1993.

This record would see Anthony start to gain national attention, as he would receive two awards for “Best New Artist” at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Anthony would also open for legendary musician Ruben Blades during this time, which would also increase his profile as well.

Anthony has remained active in the recording industry, releasing his thirteenth studio album, Pa’llá Voy. Anthony is also a film actor, having made appearances in such films as Man on Fire and El Cantante, where he played real-life salsa singer Hector Lavoe. He most recently appeared in a supporting role in the 2021 film In The Heights, a musical focusing on the Puerto Rican community in New York that was originally a stage play by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What Watches Are in Marc Anthony’s Watch Collection?

Anthony is known to own a vintage Rolex GMT-Master with a “root beer” dial, which is one of the rarer varieties of that particular watch model.

In 2022, he entered into a partnership with Bulova, wherein he helped the brand design several new watches to be promoted with his name. There are eight watches in this product line, including the Maquina, Marine Star, Modern, and Series X. Several of these watches are available in both men’s and women’s fashions.

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