Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph – Luxury Watch Straps

Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph – Luxury Watch Straps
Omega Speedmaster Racing & The Ultimate Rubber Strap

There are only a handful of watch brands that can truly claim to be in the “elite” league of watch producers. Omega has long been among that class, as they have been a leading producer of chronographs for several decades and continue to be leaders in that field, combining innovative technology with superior craftsmanship. This has resulted in the brand developing a loyal fan base that has seen them through both highs and lows over the last several decades.

One of the premiere examples of their work is the Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph. It offers an excellent display of the unique combination of technical prowess and aesthetic cleanness that both watch collectors and the horological press have come to expect from the brand.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph Watch

Below, we will examine this watch, model number 329., from several different vantage points. This will include examining the technical specifications of the watch, followed by a brief analysis of its stylistic attributes. Finally, the article will conclude with an overview of our collection of elegant rubber watch straps for this piece.

What Are The Technical Specifics of The Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph 329.

The Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph measures a case size of 44.25 mm. This is larger than the industry standard of 41 mm. It has a between-lug measurement of 21 mm. The casing is made from premium-grade stainless steel.

One of the highlights of this watch is its excellent movement. It is powered by the Omega 9900 caliber, which is a METAS-certified chronograph. This certification is extremely difficult to receive, and only a small percentage of watches that submit to be tested receive it.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph – Luxury Watch Straps

The watch has a power reserve of 60 hours and is water resistant for up to 167 feet.

How Does the Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph 329. Fare in Terms of Its Design?

The most immediately striking thing about the Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph is its elegant color palette. The combination of orange, white, and silver, in conjunction with the black bezel, offers up a dial that is both exciting and refined at the same time.

Notably, the face of the watch has an extra orange hand on it, which is meant to keep track of seconds instead of minutes or hours. Because these watches have their origins in endurance racing events, this stands to reason.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph – Luxury Watch Straps

Does Rubber B Offer Watch Straps For The Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph 329.

Rubber B has several different options available for this model of watch. Interested parties will find options available in both SwimSkin® Alligator and SwimSkin® Ballistic styles. The SwimSkin® Alligator option has three available colors to choose from, while the SwimSkin® Ballistic offers four different color options.

For those who are passionate about buying cruelty-free products, it is worth noting that the SwimSkin® Alligator straps do not contain any alligator hide at all. They are solely made from 100% rubber. You can view all of the available straps for this watch model here.

If you would like to see a complete listing of all of our Omega products, please click here.

What Separates Rubber B From Other Watch Straps?

A pre-eminent creator of custom rubber watch straps, Rubber B has spent the last several years crafting watch straps for watches for some of the most highly respected watchmakers in both Europe and North America.  Rubber B offers integrated rubber straps for Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Tudor, and IWC. Additionally, Rubber B provides universal straps for various watches based on their lug space. Rubber B has a wide selection of colors, styles, and materials to choose from for these timepieces, and all of these straps are made exclusively from 100% vulcanized rubber.

Each Rubber B integrated strap reference has been designed and calibrated for a flawless fit to one particular watch case and no other, while emulating brands use one reference across a variety of watches, often resulting in a sub-par fit. Most importantly, Rubber B products are always and forever made entirely in Switzerland by leaders in the luxury horology industry, ensuring that customers always receive the true luxury value they expect and deserve.

Rubber B watch straps do not contain any coating, blends, or bonding, and every strap undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets quality control standards.

Do You Need a Custom Rubber Watch Band For Your Luxury Watch? Visit Rubber B Today

For those who would like to learn more about Rubber B’s complete list of products, shipping policies, and pricing, or have questions about their custom rubber watch straps, please visit the Rubber B website today for more information. One of their valued team members will be happy to answer any inquiries promptly.

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