What is Gordon Ramsay’s Watch Collection?

Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection

Rubber B produces custom rubber watch bands for timepieces from a variety of leading global watchmakers, including Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai, as well as several others. Our complete product catalog features straps in a plethora of different colors, textures, and styles, and each one of our watch bands is made solely from 100% vulcanized rubber. And speaking of different colors, textures, and styles, today we are going to take a closer look at the watch collection of a man who is very familiar with all of those things, at least in the kitchen – Gordon Ramsay.

Many know the famously feisty chef from his multiple television shows, but what you may not know is that Chef Ramsay is also a fairly serious watch collector. But what kind of pieces does he have in his collection? Let’s take a closer look at the life, work, and watch collection of Gordon Ramsay.

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8, 1966, to Gordon Sr., who held a variety of jobs including a swimming pool manager, a welder, and a shopkeeper, and Helen, a nurse. He was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, which is one of the council areas of Scotland. At the age of nine, the family would move to Stratford-upon-Avon, where he would spend the remainder of his youth.

His family would move around frequently due to his father’s continued search for work, which was exasperated in part by the fact that he drank heavily. Because he could be quite mercurial, Ramsay had a strained relationship with his father, and by the age of 16, he had moved out of his family’s home and into an apartment in Banbury.

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

Gordon Ramsay’s Early Years

Though he had a passion for soccer, he would suffer a knee injury that would preclude any chance he had at a professional career in athletics. At age 19, Ramsay would enter a technical college to study hotel management. He would later note that his decision to enter catering college was “a complete accident,” according to one of his autobiographies.

After working as a chef in various hotels in London, Ramsay decided that he wanted to further advance his culinary career and that the best way to do so would be to study French cuisine formally. At the age of 23, Ramsay would eventually move to Paris and began to study with Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon. On an episode of “Master Chef,” Ramsay noted that he considered Savoy to be his mentor.

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

Early Success in the Culinary World

Ramsay would formally return to London in 1993, upon which Marco Pierre White, one of the previous head chefs that Ramsay had served under in a prior job, offered him the position of head chef at a new restaurant venture that he was involved in. The restaurant, Aubergine, would go on to win two Michelin stars. However, by 1998, Ramsay would grow dissatisfied with this business arrangement and choose to set out on his own.

In 1998, Ramsay would go on to open Restaurant Gordon Ramsay with the help of his family and several friends from Aubergine. The restaurant would go on to win three Michelin stars, making Ramsay the first Scotsman to ever achieve this feat. In 2011, his restaurant was listed in “The Good Food Guide” as the second-best in all of the United Kingdom.  

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

Television Success and International Fame

While he was already well-known in the culinary world within the United Kingdom, Ramsay would not become an internationally known celebrity chef until he started appearing on television. In 2004, he would appear on two television series “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” which aired on Channel 4 and ITV1, respectively.

The former show would involve Ramsay attempting to save failing restaurants, while the latter saw him attempting to train ten British celebrities to be successful chefs and operate a restaurant for a duration of two weeks.

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

In 2005, Fox would bring Ramsay over to the United States to produce an American version of “Hell’s Kitchen,” which would introduce him to an audience outside the UK for the first time. American audiences were quickly enthralled by the sharp-tongued, notoriously short-tempered chef, and the show is currently in its 20th season as of this time.

Ramsay would go on to host a US version of “Kitchen Nightmares” as well as a being a judge on “Master Chef,” among other television ventures. He would also “Hotel Hell,” which focused on Ramsay attempting to save failing hotels and utilizing his formal education in the hospitality industry as part of the show.

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

As of March 2020, Ramsay’s net worth was estimated to be at $63 million, and he was granted an OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2006 for his services to the hospitality industry.

In early 2021, the Gordon Ramsay Academy, a new cookery school, opened in Surrey, England.

What Kind of Watches Does Gordon Ramsay Have in His Collection?

Ramsay owns a number of notable pieces, including several Rolex watches. These include the Rolex Submariner ref. 1680, the Rolex Submariner ref. 14060, the Rolex Submariner 18k White Gold ref. 116619, and the Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675.

He also owns watches from several other well-known luxury brands, including the Breitling Aeromarine Chrono Avenger M1 E73360 and the Omega Seamaster Professional 007 Edition, which was most recently worn by Daniel Craig in his final cinematic outing as James Bond, “No Time to Die.”

What is Gordon Ramsay's Watch Collection?

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