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22mm Cognac Leather Watch Strap for All Watches

Photo of Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona on Cognac Alligator Leather Strap

22mm Cognac Leather Watch Strap for All Watch Brands

The genuine leather watch straps in the Rubber B Structure Series combine old world style with contemporary wristwatch innovations. Rubber and leather are usually seen as opposing forces in the world of watches, but when they come together they offer the ultimate in luxury. With an alligator skin fused onto a vulcanized rubber base, the wearer enjoys both flexibility and elegance on one watchband.

Made in Switzerland using the finest materials in the world, the Cognac Alligator Leather strap shown above is available to fit watches with a lug spacing of either 18mm, 20mm or 22mm. The straps in this collection come with a 316l tang buckle that can be replaced by the buckle of many wristwatch models. All of the hand-stitching is recessed within a trench and invisibly knotted under the rubber base for maximum comfort. The leather surface is also recessed to sit flush against the base in an innovative design that eliminates the need for fillers or liners.

With the protection of the rubber against your skin, the beautiful leather band will last long without developing odors or losing its shape. In addition to Cognac, our alligator leather Structure Series strap is also available in Jet Black on either a Jet Black or Red Devil base. To browse the entire collection, visit our e-Boutique at rubberb.com. We ship internationally within 24-48 hours of receiving your order, with expedited shipping available.