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Rolex Paraflex Shock Absorber

Photo of Rolex Paraflex Shock Absorber (photo: Rolex)

Rolex Paraflex Shock Absorber (photo: Rolex)

Since the mid-1930s, Rolex has fitted its movements with shock absorbers to protect the balance wheel and escapement wheel from shocks that could affect the precision of the watch. The pivots of the balance wheel, the heart of the watch, must be as fine as possible (within seven-hundredths of a millimeter in diameter) to minimize friction. If the movement receives a sudden shock without a powerful shock absorber, the movement stops entirely.

To increase the shock resistance of their movements, Rolex released the Paraflex shock absorber in 2005. This innovation keeps the spring in place without risk of deformation and allows the watchmaker to determine exactly how much lubricant is necessary to keep it pivoting properly. The symmetrical design of the Paraflex makes it easier to install and also easier to to reassemble during maintenance. This powerful shock absorber makes Rolex movements up to 50% more resistant to shocks.

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