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Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watch

Six Replacement Straps for the Omega Edizione Venezia Timepiece

Omega Edizione Venezia – If you look at most watches in the world, they have a metal lug (or bar) that keeps the leather wristwatch band in place.  There are many watches that have this kind of set up including low cost and high cost watch brands.  However not all bands that come with watches are made with the same kind of precision, materials and design excellence as the Rubber B replacement wristwatch bands.

Leather watchbands are extremely costly, develop odors, and experience deformation from perspiration. They crack and crease due the deteriorating nature of humid cardboard filler pad. A Rubber B Structure Series™ contains no filler pad: the leather surface fits crease-free and smoothly fused to the shapely rubber base for the entire life of the strap. The wearer no longer worries about the temperature rising, causing them to perspire, and ruin their leather strap. At the end of an active day, a Structure Series™ rubber base can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth, avoiding any damage to the fine leather surface. No other leather watch bracelet can match the endurance of our Structure Series™ watchbands.

Replacement Black Leather Watch Band

Replacement Black Leather Watch Wristband

Another consideration when buying a replacement watch strap is making sure you can completely fit the metal lug.  This is why Rubber B has several lineups to fit the 22mm lug, the 20mm lug and the 18mm lug.

The Omega lineup of fine watches come with several models that will require the user to replace the leather strap after continued wear.  In fact, wearers might opt to change these bands immediately since these original bracelets provided by Omega are not as high quality or wearable as the Rubber B line of replacement watch bands.  For collectors of Omega watches, it is recommended to keep these original bands in a safe place untouched until attempting to resell the watch to a collector.  By purchasing a replacement band at the time of purchase, you preserve the original value of the watch, since the metal case of the watch will sustain wear and tear well over time, while the Omega original watch will not have longevity.

Replacement Watch Bands for the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watch

Replacement Watch Bands for the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watch

Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia

The simple elegance of this watch design is something to behold.  This specialty watch design is worth checking out for any serious Omega watch fan.  The case of this special Omega Seamaster is made from brushed and polished steel, or 18K Sedna™ gold.  The dial has a silvery color and the indexes and hands are created with 18K Sedna™ gold.  It is resistant to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss and has a power reserve up to 55 hours.  It is water resistant up to 200 feet and has a diameter of 39.5 mm.   It includes a date window at 6 o’clock and a spherical crown embossed with the Omega logo.  The watch comes with a crocodile leather strap – black for the Steel version and Brown for the 18K Gold version.

On the reverse side of the watch, the Master Chronometer calibre 8800 is also visible through the sapphire crystal, and engraved with a Seahorse medallion.

Rubber B has developed 6 different replacement bands that you could mix design your perfect timepiece.  Rubber B also has a Black Crocodile Leather and a Brown Crocodile Leather replacement wristband that look nearly identical to the original ones sold with the Edizione Venezia, with the one exception, the back has Rubber B’s patented rubber backing, giving it a more comfortable feel and longer life – especially for owners who are active in sports, boating and more.

Brown Replacement Strap for the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia 511. – 20mm
Black Replacement Strap for the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia 511. – 20mm

For more information on how to select the 20mm replacement bands for your Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia, go to our leather replacement band page.

Photo of Navy/Red Devil Strap for Rolex Yachtmaster II 44mm - Classic Series VulChromatic® Hi-Rise

Three Replacement Blue Rubber Straps for Rolex Yachtmaster 2 – 44mm with support for the Oyster Deployment Buckle

The Rolex Yachtmaster 2 – 44mm is adored for its adaptability as an easily readable timepiece on the open seas and for its elegance at the yacht club. Inspired by the rich heritage that has bound Rolex to the world of sailing since the 1950s, the Yachtmaster blends function and style, while the Yachtmaster II brings together the finest in Rolex technology to create a regatta chronograph built for yachting competition.

The Yachtmaster 2 – 44mm is waterproof up to 100 meters, scratch resistant, and has a 72 hours of reserve power. It has a programable countdown clock from 1 to 10 minutes. The large hands on Oyster white with its 44 mm diameter make it one of the most sea worthy companions in any weather.

This model features a Rolex- Patented 4161 calibre, self- winding mechanical chronograph, making it precise and reliable. The 904L Stainless Steel gives it a casual appearance, yet the superalloy can resist corrosion and harsh environments.

3 Color Watch Bands for Rolex Yachtmaster II 44mm

3 Color Watch Bands for Rolex Yachtmaster II 44mm

Rubber B tri-color option, replacement blue rubber straps for the Rolex Yachtmaster 2 – 44mm enhance the beauty of the timepiece, with vulcanized dual colored rubber straps, custom designed to fit the Yachtmaster 2 and its Oyster deployment buckle. This luxury strap for the Rolex Yachtmaster II utilizes “Blocked Integration” engineering, incorporating solid inserts for a flawless, motionless flush mount to the watch case.

The dark blue color of the Rolex watch band is gently offset by a racing stripe of light blue, red, or white –complimenting the beautiful designs and colors on the watch itself. The replacement blue watch band supports the original Rolex clasp for the Rolex Yachtmaster II, or Rolex Oyster deployment buckle which came with the original Rolex Yachtmaster II.

The bands are made in Switzerland and contains no coating, blends or bonding. The band are non- allergenic, non-toxic, and non-marking. It has universal fit for wrist sizes extra small to extra large.

For more information about our replacement watch bands for the Rolex Yachtmaster 2 – 44 mm, go to our custom designed replacement Rolex Yachtmaster 2 blue watch band page or visit our complete listing of our replacement Rolex leather straps for all of our Rolex inspired replacement watchbands.

Rubber B VulChromatic Strap for Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR

VulChromatic Strap for Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR

Rubber B VulChromatic Strap for Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR

Rubber B VulChromatic Strap for Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR

The GMT-Master II BLNR, Reference 116710BLNR, is a favorite amongst Rolex enthusiasts worldwide due to its bold, sporty aesthetic. With a turn of its 24-hour ceramic bezel colored in black and blue, it allows the wearer to reference the time anywhere around the world. A GMT complication is useful for those who travel as part of their career. While one can still check the time on their smartphones, a wristwatch is much easier to check discretely during a business meeting.

In the Rubber B e-Boutique, we offer the ultimate rubber strap for the BLNR. Shown in the photo above, the Jet Black/Pacific Blue VulChromatic strap configuration is the perfect match for this wristwatch. Micro-callibrated using ‘blocked integration’ engineering, it creates a flawless mount onto the case with no gaps or movement. You also have the option of purchasing a strap that incorporates the Oysterlock clasp that comes with the GMT-Master II. The design and execution of our straps maintain the integrity of the timepiece, giving it a luxury look that can go with you on any adventure life may bring your way.

The freedom that a quality rubber strap configuration gives the wearer is unparalleled. Swiss made using the finest materials on the market, they will last for years without fading or losing their shape. We offer a variety of colors and styles for the Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR, including straps with a 316L tang buckle. Visit rubberb.com to browse our entire collection of straps for Rolex watches.

Photo of Rubber B Straps for Patek Philippe Nautilus Models

Swiss Made Rubber Straps for Patek Philippe Watches

Photo of Rubber B Straps for Patek Philippe Nautilus Models

Rubber B Straps for Patek Philippe Nautilus Models

If you are looking for the ultimate rubber strap for your Patek Philippe Nautilus model, look no further than the e-Boutique at rubberb.com. All of our straps are made in Switzerland using the highest quality vulcanized rubber available on the market. Micro-callibrated using ‘blocked integration’ engineering, they create a flawless fit to the case with no gaps or movement.

To maintain the integrity of the timepiece, our straps for Patek Philippe also incorporate the deployant buckle that comes with it as shown in the photo above. The aesthetic of the Nautilus case is bolstered by design details that go down the side of the strap. We chose colors for this collection that create harmony with the colors of the cases and dials. The Navy Blue and Arctic White straps in the photo are perfect for those who enjoy the look of a nautical timepiece.

Aside from creating the perfect look and fit, Rubber B straps also offer the ultimate in comfort. The vulcanized rubber is supple to the touch and follows the contours of the wrist for a comfortable wear. There is little care or maintenance involved with keeping the straps in top condition. A simple fresh water rinse after spending time outside or in the sea will keep your strap looking and feeling great for years. Click here to shop all of our rubber strap collections 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Rubber B Straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Datejust 31

Rubber B Straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31

Rubber B Straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Datejust 31

Rubber B Straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31

The Oyster Perpetual is Rolex’s most versatile and simple model. Bearing the name of two of the watchmaker’s most important innovations – the Oyster case and Perpetual rotor – it is available in several sizes and configurations. The Oyster Perpetual 31 is ideal for smaller wrist sizes and in our e-Boutique we offer several vulcanized rubber straps designed to fit this model precisely.

Made in Switzerland using only the finest quality materials and manufacturing practices, Rubber B straps are micro-callibrated to create a flush mount onto the Oyster case using “blocked integration” engineering. What results is a flawless fit with no gaps or movement between the strap and the watch case. For additional comfort and security, we offer straps that incorporate the deployant buckle that comes on the original bracelet. This creates a customized look that maintains the integrity of the original timepiece.

The Oyster Perpetual model is known for having many different dial colors and styles. To bolster their aesthetic, we offer several bright strap colors that compliment their colors. From Pink Flamingo to Sky Blue, Red Devil to Chocolate Brown, there is a strap color for everyone. If you don’t want to add color, you can check out the Jet Black and Arctic White straps shown in the photo above. To shop all of our straps for Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31, visit rubberb.com.