The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches
The Ice-blue Rolex Arabic Dial on a Day-Date Oyster Perpetual 228206

Rubber B produces custom rubber watch bands for timepieces from a variety of leading global watchmakers, including Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai, as well as several others. Our complete product catalog features straps in a plethora of different colors, textures, and styles, and each one of our watch bands is made solely from 100% vulcanized rubber.

For today’s blog entry, we are going to cover a style of watch that we have never actually discussed before. This would be the Rolex Arabic Dial Watches, which are some of the rarest Rolex timepieces in the world. At the outset, we will cover what exactly these watches are. The history of the Arabic Rolex will also be covered in some detail. We will then explore who the primary audience for these watches is, both past and present, and then conclude by focusing on some of the more notable watches in this style.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches
Rolex Daytona platinum 116506 Arabic ice blue dial

What is an Arabic Rolex?

This is a completely reasonable question to ask since it is highly likely that even experienced watch collectors are unfamiliar with these watches, as they were not sold widely in most regions of the world. Simply put, a Rolex Arabic dial is a timepiece that has Arabic numerals and words on the dial instead of Roman numerals.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches

What is the History of Rolex Arabic Dial Watches?

Rolex did not acquire its position as one of the leading watchmakers in the world by accident. While much of their success is the result of producing a high-quality product, they have also proven themselves to be highly shrewd when it comes to their business sense as well. It is for this precise reason that the Arabic dial Rolex came into fruition in the first place.

However, in order to truly understand the history of the Arabic Rolex, a slight knowledge of history and industry is required as well, especially where the 1950’s are concerned. By being familiar with the state of the world at that time, an appropriate context for the Arabic dial Rolex begins to emerge.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches

During this decade, the world was undergoing a radical shift in the wake of World War II. One of the results of this was that more people were owning automobiles than ever before. In previous decades, they had been seen as a decadent luxury item, but as the highway system in the United States and other countries began to expand, more people were driving, which meant there was a need for more oil.

Additionally, this decade also saw the idea of people flying commercially truly become popularized. This meant that a large amount of oil was also needed in order to fuel all of the planes that were suddenly beginning not only to fly domestically but also internationally, as well.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches
Antoine de Saint Exupéry on a plane during his World War 2 service

This meant that oil-rich countries, such as those in the Middle East, were suddenly acquiring a new prominence on the international stage. Many of them became unbelievably wealthy in a very short period of time during this era. Rolex saw an opportunity to do business in a new market that they had not previously reached out to before – one that they were certain could afford its products. Thus, the first Rolex Arabic dial watches began to be produced in the 1950’s.

Rolex would continue to produce these watches up until the 1970’s, at which point production of them ceased entirely. However, in 2016, Rolex would begin producing a small number of these watches again, as they revived the Arabic dial Day Date and premiered its ice blue dial iteration at Baselworld that year.

Who Were the Primary Audience for Arabic Rolex Watches?

In the majority of instances, the people who purchases these watches were Middle Eastern kings, sultanates, and wealthy owners of oil companies. Rolex knew exactly who they were intending to reach out to with this particular product, and their strategy largely paid off. For a period of time, these watches were very popular among the elite in various Middle Eastern countries.

Today, these watches are more commonly seen among upper-tier celebrities. For example, Jay-Z was spotted wearing a Rolex Day Date in platinum gold during an interview with the New York Times in 2017.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches
Jay-Z with Arabic Dial Rolex Watch

It should be noted that, due to their limited availability, these watches are among the hardest to find of any that Rolex has ever made. As such, it is not uncommon to see these watches being sold for around $100,000 or more, making them some of the most valuable timepieces that the company has ever produced.

What is the Best Arabic Dial Rolex Watch?  

While it is impossible to fully answer this question, as it is ultimately a subjective one, there are a number of iterations of this watch that have stood out over the years. For example, there was a Rolex Datejust 36 mm that was completely covered in diamonds, making it one of the most opulent pieces that Rolex has produced in quite some time.

The Rolex Arabic Dial Watches
Rolex Arabic Dial Datejust cover with diamonds

Another notable iteration, the reference number 16233, has a Jubilee band with diamonds running along both sides of it, which seems very fitting for this kind of watch. While not all Arabic dial Rolex watches are this opulent, a vast majority of them have been specially modified in some way to add an extra flair to them.

rolex arabic dial rubber straps

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