The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm

Rolex Explorer II 42mm on VulChromatic Rubber B Strap

What Makes the Explorer II Special?

When reviewing the ultimate watch strap for the Rolex Explorer II, you should take into account the history of this timepiece. This watch accompanied famous adventurers from mountain climbers to cave explorers. Rolex has a deep involvement with exploration. Rolex goes where few people venture. Famous explorers test the reliability of the Explorer and Explorer II in the toughest conditions.

There have been five Explorer II references in all, three of which were released before the 40mm in 2011. (the 1655, 16550, 16570). The 226570 should be compared to the 216570, and I believe that it is here that the new version differentiates itself as the objectively superior, albeit very similar-looking, watch.

Key Features of the New Explorer II 226570

To celebrate the unofficial 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer, Rolex released a new version of the Explorer II in 2021, Ref. 226570. There aren’t many differences between the old version and the new version at first glance.

Differences Between 216570 and 226570

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm
Rolex Explorer II 42mm


The Chromalight display provides long-lasting blue luminescence visibility in daytime and nighttime. The cyclops lens provides better visibility over the date aperture. The two versions of watches still both come in black and white dials, but the newer Explorer (226570) has an anti-glare coating and a brighter Chromalight. ​​On the dial, you can clearly see the Rolex crown between Swiss and Made, which makes it simple to compare the new watch to the old face at a glance. Apart from the crown, the significant difference is that the old hands would have been blackened out in the middle to represent the 1970s – 1655 Reference series, and then you see the new one have colors that are more intense.

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm
Rolex Explorer II 42mm


The past 42mm Rolex Explorer II (Reference 216570) is a robust professional stainless steel watch with simple complications. It features a brushed steel 24-hour bezel and an orange 24-hour hand over a black dial. The date is displayed through an aperture at 3 o’clock with Rolex’s Cyclops magnifying lens over it. Even in the depths of a cave or on a long winter’s night, the hour markers are filled with Chromalight, which gives tremendous luminosity. What you might not see is that the newer watch has brighter border printing on a glossier dial, whilst the older one has a little matte aspect to it.

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm
Rolex Explorer II 42mm


The newer Explorer II 226570 has also been described as a more elegant timepiece than the older past version. The bezel sits flatter on the wearer’s wrist, (ideal for wearing under cuffed shirts) has thinner lugs and crown guards than the previous model and has a smoother transition from the bracelet to the bezel. The interplay between the bigger bracelet and the smaller lugs creates a more delicate transition, emphasizing that while the 42mm Explorer II has always been enormous, it’s clearly not a pass rusher.


The biggest difference you can’t see from a wearer’s wrist is the inside movement. The new Rolex Explorer II 226570 features an escapement 15% more efficient and adds a 70-hour power reserve with an accuracy of plus/minus 2 seconds with a 3285 movement (the same movement featured in the 2018 Rolex GMT). The previous model Explorer II had a watch movement of 3187, which provided 48 hours of power reserve. 

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm

Glide Lock Clap

The newer Explorer II (226570) has a slightly broader glide-lock clasp and is polished rather than media-blasted, in texture. This Rolex still features the same 5mm easy-link system (so you can adjust the link measurement without tools). It’s also worth noting that the older watch has media blasting on the clasp internal and the 226570 is polished in texture. The five-millimeter simple link method is still used; which is the equivalent of adding or removing one large moving link. Inside the clasp are three divots that help you adjust the size. For the most part, the lift lock system is unchanged, with the exception sizes of latches, once the second is latched (the clamshell). Externally once the clasps are closed there’s a very little difference between the two


Rubber B’s founders have distinct backgrounds in high fashion as well as jewelry and gemology creation. Rubber B decided to add 3 types of closures all waterproof for all aquatic and active lifestyles. 

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm

Carbon Fiber Support for Glidelock

Rubber B was the first aftermarket watch strap manufacturer to provide timepieces that were designed to suit both the case head of a specific timepiece and the deployant clasp that came with the original steel band. This allows the owner to choose the design and color of the band they desire while maintaining the functions and performance of the original deployant buckle.

Rubber B used carbon fiber molecules in the vulcanized rubber injection mold process to improve the strength of their Glidelock bands. As a result, the wearer’s wrist is more resistant to vertical and lateral force while yet feeling elastic and flexible. For the Classic Series VulChromatic for Explorer II 226570 offers 3 types of colors:

(Arctic White VC Mandarin Orange, Jet Black VC Mandarin Orange & Jet Black VC Jet Black)

The Ultimate Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer II 42mm

Tang Buckle Series (Tand Buckle included)

With its watch Straps, Rubber B is one of the pioneers in Band Closure Support. Most after-market watch band companies only offer a tang buckle. Although Rubber B offers a tang buckle, it is constructed of 316L Stainless Steel. Rubber B decided to add their Tang-Buckle series to the selection of available strap options for that watch in 3 different solid colors. The 3 options for their Tang Buckle series and come in recognizable Mandarin Orange, Arctic White, and Jet Black colors attributed to the Explorer II 226570

(Jet Black, Arctic White & Mandarin Orange)

Ultimate Watch strap for the Rolex Explorer II Cuff Series

Rubber B develops the ultimate straps for the Rolex Explorer II. we see the newest offering from Rubber B. The straps look like Kevlar® or Twill. However, it is actually 100% rubber. This makes it entirely waterproof for all aquatic activities.

It looks like a military combat strap. It incorporates a Velcro® Alfatex® for a seriously micro-adjustable fit and a 316L 20mm Stainless Steel buckle. This provides maximum comfort and quick and easy adjustments.

The swimskin for the Explorer II 42mm is currently available in Jet Black Twill or in Navy Blue Twill. The Explorer II has two dial options -the black and white color. Clearly, the black would look exceptionally well with the black band from Rubber B. However, the white dial would look equally stunning with either the black or blue style band. The Ultimate Watchband For Rolex Explorer II can be found here.

The designs of our straps for the Explorer II incorporate elements of the watch to create a cohesive aesthetic. The VulChromatic strap above features a Mandarin Orange stripe down the side that matches the color of the 24-hand. If you own the white dial configuration, we recommend looking at the version with an Arctic White stripe. 

The Explorer II is a tough and sporty wristwatch model that becomes even more versatile when fitted with the ultimate rubber watch band. No matter what terrain, what time of night, or how far you are from home, this rubber strap configuration is up for the challenge. For more information on our rubber watch band for Rolex watches, visit

Measuring the Lug Width

An important thing to know when you have a fine timepiece is how big is the lug width. This is the distance between where the strap could be attached. Most timepieces have either an 18, 20, or 22 mm width. For this reason, Rubber B has focused on developing universal straps for these sizes.

If you have a 19 mm lug width on your timepiece, you can either go a size smaller and get an 18 mm band, or you could go up to a 20 mm band and possibly shave the edge off slightly to get it to fit perfectly.

Rubber B works hard to try and give clients the most perfect fit, and for this reason, they make custom bands for the most popular timepieces. Each year, Rubber B focuses on new timepieces to add custom bands for. Recently they have added Apple, Breitling, and IWC.

If you don’t have a custom band for your timepiece, don’t worry. Our universal straps look great and will fit almost any timepiece.

What is the purpose of vulcanized rubber?

Vulcanized Rubber has flexibility and strength that is unsurpassed by less expensive rubber compounds like silicone.

The magnificent hues persist for the lifespan of the band since the colors are integrated in the vulcanization process rather than being painted on.

The bands are constructed as a single unit and are not bonded together, which might result in band breaking or weakness.

Unique textures, such as those that resemble real leather or other patterns, can be added to the Vulcanized rubber. It might also be reinforced with carbon fiber or titanium to further its already impressive strength.

Vulcanized rubber keeps its shape expertly without feeling rigid once it has cooled from the mold. In reality, it is soft and feels amazingly close to the skin.

Rolex Explorer II 42mm on VulChromatic Rubber B Strap

the Explorer II is fitted with a VulChromatic Rubber B strap from our e-Boutique. Made in Switzerland, our straps for Rolex are micro-calibrated using “blocked integration” to create a flawless mount onto the case with no gaps or movement. Our straps for the 216570 are available in either a 316L stainless steel tang buckle version or one that incorporates the deployant clasp that comes on the original bracelet.

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