Watchbands for Any Season – Which Band is Right for Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall?

Rubber B watch bands for any season

Rubber B watch bands are always in season

One question you may ask when choosing a watchband color is “Which watchband looks best for the season?” Although watchband styles typically transcend seasons, traditionally the black leather bands are worn during Winter months and lighter brown leather bands or more fun bands like our red and black bands may be worn during the other months. Although it is quite acceptable to wear black leather or brown leather bands year-round.

When trying to decide which watchband to wear for the season you are in, it largely depends on the style of clothing you typically wear. A black or grey suit will always look spectacular with a black bracelet accompanying your fine timepiece. It does not matter what time of year, a black or grey suit is always in season. However, wearing a brown leather bracelet even in the dead of Winter or with your choice of suit is also acceptable.

There are no clear fashion rules when it comes to watchbands. For example: They don’t have to match your shoes. Many people alternate watchbands just for a change, or they may own a few fine timepieces with different watchbands, metal colors, and styles and switch watches on a regular basis.

One of the goals for Rubber B is to provide a watchband that works for any season. Each band is designed of vulcanized rubber and contain no coatings, blends, or bonding. These Swiss made watchbands are made for comfort and durability. Unlike other watchbands, which develop smells, creases and deformation from perspiration, Rubber B bands contain no filler pads and the leather surface is crease-free. Even if you want to wear a black leather band from Rubber B during the hot summer months, you can easily wash the rubber base after activities, and your leather surface will remain unharmed and ready for your next black-tie event.

So, no matter whether you are in the boardroom in Winter or on the surfboard in Summer your Rubber B bracelet will always be in season.