Replacement Bracelets for the Rolex Datejust 41

Replacement Bracelets for the Rolex Datejust 41

The Rolex Datejust History

The Rolex Datejust earns its honors as one of the greatest timepieces ever made. Hans Wilsdorf introduced an early form of the Datejust in 1926, and soon added incredible features including the automatic calibre and then the comfort fitting 5-piece link Jubilee bracelet.

The Oyster case provided water resistance with its signature screw-down winding crown. The Datejust officially inherited a vast history of horological achievements when it launched in 1945. It launched with the date window at the 3 o’clock dial.

The case was a medium build 36mm diameter, which became the standard bearer for the Rolex dynasty. The Datejust has the iconic look of Rolex. And the the Datejust became one of Rolex’s most recognizable timepieces and has ever been connected to all things luxury.

However, over the years Rolex has found a way to make the Datejust even better. In 1953, Rolex released the cyclops magnifier which makes the date on the Datejust easier to read.

The 36 mm case was a fine size that fit most men’s wrists and many women as well. Rolex released a tremendous array of options for the 36mm timepiece.

They came out with all steel, rolesor (steel and gold), and all gold versions. They have various bezel options, dial designs and added gems throughout the timepieces to either dress up or dress down the Datejust.

Rolex owners can choose between a smooth, domed, or fluted bezel – or even one set with diamonds. Rolex uses 3 types of gold – yellow, white or Everose gold and sometimes intertwines yellow/rose gold with 904L steel/white gold to create its two-tone look – named Rolesor.

In 1988, Rolex launched the Datejust with its first Sapphire crystal – providing scratch resistance and strength over the older Acrylic glass used for decades. In 2018, Rolex released the 36mm with the new caliber 3235 which extends the power reserve to an astounding 70 hours.

The twinlock double waterproofness system provides water resistance to 330 feet. The Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring oscillator and Paraflex shock absorbers provide the ultimate in precision which is fully certified as “superlative” before heading out to market.

The Rolex Datejust II

In 2009, Rolex gave the Datejust a makeover which included a new size and caliber. At Baselworld, Rolex brought out a more substantial men’s timepiece with the 41mm size.

The reference 116300 was an all stainless steel model. The 116334 combined stainless steel and white gold. The 116333 created the Rolesor look with yellow gold and stainless steel.

Rolex decided to shun the Jubilee bracelet for this more masculine and sporty timepiece. Instead, all Datejust II timepieces don the Oyster 3-link bracelet with Oysterclasp. Rolex also shunned the Everose gold, and all yellow gold metals when designing the Datejust II.

The Datejust II is powered by the caliber 3136, updated from the 3135 of the standard Datejust 36. The newer Datejust II was built for performance – with better shock absorption and support for extreme conditions.

This new chronometer was at least 2 times more precise than the earlier version Datejust.

Although the Datejust II was launched with great fanfare, Rolex cut the cord on this version in 2016, making it one of the shortest-lived Rolex versions released.

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The New Datejust 41

The New Datejust 41 was released in Baselworld in 2016. The bezel and dial markers are thinner, making its proportions more in line with the Rolex aesthetic.

The new Datejust 41 is available in pure Oystersteel, Rolesor 18k yellow gold with 904L steel, Rolesor 18k Everose gold with 904L steel, or Rolesor with 18k White Gold and 904L Steel.

The bezel includes a smooth bezel option or a stunning fluted bezel. Unlike the previous Datejust II, Rolex now gives you the option between a Jubiliee or Oyster bracelet. The bracelet can either be pure steel (on the all steel model) or Rolesor with both steel and the 18k gold color that matches the timepiece.

One of the best parts of buying a Datejust is the ability to choose from a wide variety of dial options. There are many options from various color dials, to a variety of hour markers – including a diamond option.

It sports the new-generation movement developed in-house at Rolex. The caliber 3235 offers superior precision, durability and reliability. The power reserve is strongly enhanced 70 hours.

Water resistance remains at 330 feet, protected by the screw-down twinlock double waterproofness system. The blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers provide this new timepiece with anti magnetic properties, and shock resistance.

Replacement Bracelets for the Rolex Datejust 41

Rubber B has developed Vulcanized Rubber straps engineered to fit Rolex Datejust II case 41mm and deployment buckle. It has an all black strap, a lustrous Mandarin orange strap, and two straps which feature all black with an Arctic White or Mandarin Orange stripe.

Classic Series of 3 solid colors and 3 VulChromatic (dual-color) rubber bands, as well as a Cuff Series for the Classic Rolex Datejust II – 41mm.

The pre-2016 version Rolex Datejust II case (41mm) and also model ref. 116334, are supported with Rubber B’s patented “Blocked Integration” engineering which incorporates solid inserts for a flawless, motionless flush mount to the watch case.

The strap also supports the deployant buckle for the original Oyster bracelet version that came with the timepiece.

In addition, the Cuff Series is a high-tech watch band, made of “SwimSkin®”, Rubber B’s exclusive patented technology, created over a developmental period of many years, requiring all-new innovative machinery and engineering techniques.

Although this strap looks and feels identical to moisture sensitive materials such as Kevlar® and twill, it is actually 100% RUBBER, therefore waterproof for all sports and aquatic activities.

Hand-Sewn with HYDROTURF® Marine Thread: Maximum resistance to UV-rays, atmospheric conditions, & chemicals. Offered in Jet Black and Navy Blue colors, for more click here.

To view the selection of various color options click here.

What is the Best Rolex Datejust

Just like all Rubber B products, these bands are made with 100% vulcanized rubber, containing no coatings, blends, or bondings.

This ensures Rubber B bands will retain its designer look and feel Each band is made in Switzerland – the horological capital of the world.

For more information on replacement bracelets for the Rolex Datejust 41 visit here.

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