Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands
Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – SwimSkin® Alligator by Rubber B

Rubber B is the first manufacturer to develop a unique vulcanized rubber band that conforms to the exact specifications of the Rolex case. The Classic Series was a breakthrough in band design since it leveraged the vulcanized rubber that provides a robust alternative to steel, leather, and precious metals like gold. Rubber B developed the composite version of “vulcanized rubber” which involves a molecular fusion process which creates an elevated density which creates superior resistance to Ozone, UV and sea water. The durability and flexibility prevents damage, tearing or deformation from prolonged active wear.

Rubber B vulcanized rubber is also comfortable to wear and is far more durable as compared to fabrics, leather goods, or low cost silicone rubber. Our rubber is hypo-allergenic, and maintains its color because there are no coatings, blends or bonding used in our process.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Classic Series

The Classic Series is a real advancement in band design. Rolex watch replacement bands from Rubber B provide not only the top of the line rubber, but they have integrated the custom features of the Rolex into the design. Rubber B developed a signature “T” design which is unique in band design. These bands are custom made to fit the exact specifications of the Rolex case and deployant buckle.

The Classic Series creates a motionless tight fit to the Rolex case, not unlike a metal bracelet. “Blocked Integration” creates a flawless and micro-calibrated mount not only to the case but also to the exact specs of the spring bar.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

At the time, when Rubber B designed this feature, bands would leave an unappealing gap between the bar and the case. This gap free fit creates a more comfortable and secure feel when wearing the band. The band contours and curves to fit and cover the timepiece like a glove. It also reduces pollutants which could irritate the skin between the band and the case. More importantly, Rubber B designed the first band with Strength Infusion Technology to support the Rolex Glidelock Clasp. The result is rubber that reduces friction, and infuses carbon fibers into the rubberized molding process to support frequent micro-adjustments of daily wear.

The result is a unique band that looks like and feels like it was manufactured straight from the manufacturer because it not only fits the case perfectly, but fits the original clasp from Rolex. Yet, the comfortable rubber is cooler and more gentile against the skin and better for diving and athletic activities than the original steel or fine metal bands. Metal bands can get hot in the sun and the multiple Oyster links in the Rolex band can cause discomfort with extended active wear.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rubber B has done something else unique for Rolex owners. The color palette that is offered in its collections give Rolex owners the ability to change the look of their timepiece with just a simple change of the watch band. Rather than just being stuck with one color of the metal band, Rubber B offers a wide variety of colors to match or extend the capabilities and artistry of the band itself. Unlock a Rolex’s inner beauty with a Jet Black band or an Arctic White band.

Or unleash the personality of a Rolex with striking colors like Pacific Blue, Mandarin Orange, or Red Devil. With this palette Rolex timepiece owners can dress the watch up for the Office or a dinner party or add some fun with colors that strike their fancy at the moment.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

There are some timepieces that have all black appearance on the dial and bezel and look exceptional with just about any color combination. However, the Rolex Yachtmaster has a unique Red, White and Blue look which Rubber B incorporated into its blue band with Red/Blue/White (optional) racing stripe down the side.

This two color combination is another first in the Rubber B design because this stripe is actually pure rubber and fully infused in the vulcanized rubber process. It isn’t paint layered on top of the rubber which could cause flaking or unsightly wear. The blue band embellishes and brings out the stunning blue color or the time-honored Rolex Yachtmaster II.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Structure Series

This is the first time Rubber B started working with 2 color bands. Eventually they started providing perfect layered bands with two colors – perfectly moulded in the vulcanization process and not connected by any kinds of glues or bonding agents which can wear and warp over time.

Because of popular demand, Rubber B designed the Structure Series bands which combine Alligator or Cow hide leather with an underlying Rubber B strap. This layered approach provides longer wear and better strength for these leather bands which would normally warp or fall apart due to stuffing or other weak materials used in the band making process. The rubber component adds a exceptional look to these bands and underscores the beauty of the leather that it surrounds and protects.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Swimskin Universal Vegan Watch Strap

However, Rubber B wasn’t satisfied with the actual leather of the Structure Series. Watch bands for decades have been coming with full grain or alligator pattern leather. But leather itself is an imperfect substance. First it depends on an endless supply of animal products which are in short supply, and it doesn’t wear as well as actual rubber.

In order to improve on this design, Rubber B had to design something that was unique in the industry – the Swimskin Universal Vegan Watch Strap. They developed the process to create patterns, even random patters on the face of the Rubber band. This process allowed Rubber B to design the first Vegan friendly “Leather” bands. They look like real Alligator or full grain calf leather, but are actually 100% Rubber.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Rubber Cuff Combat Strap

Rubber B took the same process that they used to develop the vegan friendly “leather” bands and used the same process to make bands that look and feel like real fabrics such as Kevlar and Twill. The result is a NATO style combat band such as the one on the Rolex Submariner above. This Rubber Cuff Combat Strap is made with 100% rubber, and has Velcro Alfatex in its inner closure. The under layer band helps protect the wearer from a hot case against the wrist. It also appears to have the military look and feel but is far more durable and water resistant.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Tang Buckle Series

Rubber B offers the Tang Buckle on many of its models. This tang buckle is built from 916L steel and is one of the strongest metals that can be used to make a folding clasp. Many people love the standard tang buckle over folding clasps because it is easy to put on, take off and adjust just by linking it into one of the holes. There is no guesswork here and no need to fiddle with micro adjustments of a Rolex deployant system with folding clasp.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Velcro Series

Rubber B has long admired the invention of Velcro. It is a perfect addition to a watch band because it is not only strong, but it adds an infinite amount of adjustability to the band that can’t be done with such accuracy with either a metal band or even with a tang or similar type band. Although you can get close with many band options, there is nothing like having a Velcro fastener. It is fast to put on, take off and adjust at the moment’s notice.

The Velcro is fastened to the rubber with Hand-Sewn GORE-TENARA® Marine Thread. The loop is reinforced with titanium to help create a secure fit.

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands

Rolex Watch Replacement Bands – Infinite Options with B2Straps

Rubber B continues to develop new strap concepts with new patterns, new options and new designs. They even created a new website with a full configurator tool on it allowing you to choose your design, pattern, texture, color, thread color and even the type of buckle you prefer to have. There are nearly endless possibilities with the B2 Strap. Rubber B keeps pushing the envelope of what is possible with watch band technology. With this new B2 Strap, there is a custom designed strap that can fit anyone’s taste. You can even custom design the strap with your own engraving under the band itself.

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