Tudor Watches: A History and Blue Tudor Watches

History and Blue Tudor Watches
Blue Tudor Watches BB58, Pelagos, Heritage Chrono

“The Tudor” name became a registered trademark in 1926 by a watch dealer named ‘Veuve de Philippe Huther’. A decade later, in 1936, Hans Wilsdorf (the founder of Rolex) appropriated the brand in hopes of drawing retailers to an alternative and more affordable brand to run alongside the more pricey brand Rolex. Wilsdorf’s intention was to offer a new collection of watches that would appeal to another type of market but would have the reassurance of the Rolex name behind it. 

In 1947, the Tudor Oyster was launched, this was the first time the term ‘Oyster’ was paired with Rolex; it was meant to allude to the water resistance included within the line of watches. The term ‘Submariner’ would soon join that by also being an interchangeable term between Rolex and Tudor watches. 

Wilsdorf’s face appearing closely with the Tudor brand made all the difference, and was added to the campaign when these watches were first launched. Original advertisements appeared in 1952 and included the Tudor Oyster Prince ref. 7909 which featured self-winding movements and water-resistant cases. The Tudor Oyster Prince 7909 has size options ranging from 31-34mm and includes the Rolex logo on the crown and an incase caliber of 390. 

The first release of the Tudor Submariner model was in 1954 and was introduced as a specialty diver’s watch. The Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 7928 was introduced in 1959 and included a crown protector, whereas the previous (1954 ref.7922) model did not. 

Tudor Watches: A History and Blue Tudor Watches

In 2011, there was the release of the Tudor Advisor which strongly differed from the previous timepieces of the 1950s. A year later, in 2012, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay was released which was a nod to the look of the 1950’s model Tudor Submariner. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay released in 2012 featured a burgundy-colored bezel and was offered with a steel bracelet or fabric or leather watch strap as options. This watch was a huge success for the Tudor brand.

In 2013, the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue was launched. Since then, the models of Tudor watches have grown, including releases of Ranger and Style models. Tudor watches were meant to be more affordable than those of Rolex watches, and are strikingly different from Rolex watches when it comes to timepiece preferences.  

Blue Tudor Watches and Watch Straps for Tudor

Blue Tudor Black Bay 58

Blue Tudor Black Bay 58

Since its release in 2020, the Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue has continued to cause hype around the Tudor brand and the demand for other Blue colored Tudor watches. As a part of Rubber B’s Tang Buckle watch strap series for Tudor Black Bay 58, there is a Navy Blue strap offered, as well as colors in Jet black, Espresso Brown, and Military Green. 

Tudor Pelagos Blue 

Although the Black Bay 58 and Pelagos have many differences in outside appearance, they are both divers watches and have much of the same mechanical similarities. The Tudor Pelagos Blue was released in 2015. From Rubber B’s Rubber Cuff Twill watch strap series, (which also features a tang buckle) color options are offered in Navy Blue and Jet Black. Rubber B’s Rubber Cuff watch straps are made of 100% Rubber and are made of SwimSkin making them 100% waterproof. 

Blue Tudor Heritage Chrono

The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue was released at Baselworld in 2013. For the 42mm Tudor Heritage Chrono, Vulcromatic dual-colored watch strap options are available. Color options include Jet Black with Satin Black, Jet Black with Arctic White, Jet Black with Pacific Blue (a great match if you own the Blue colored Tudor Chrono), and Jet Black with Sahara Tan.

Blue Tudor Black Bay Bronze 

In 2016, Tudor unveiled a Bucherer Blue edition of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze. Solid colored watch strap options are available for the Tudor Black Bay Bronze 43mm from Rubber B’s Tang Buckle Series. Watch strap colors available for the Tudor Black Bay Bronze are Navy Blue, Jet Black, Espresso Brown, and Military Green.

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